Despite Everything, I am excited for this game

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Despite Everything, I am excited for this game

Postby ninetalescommander » Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:12 am

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has definitely been a game that I've seen get the most flack before it's official release. People have criticized the graphics and most of all the selection of characters for the roster. Now I am in no way saying these criticisms are invalid, they definitely are valid but I can still say, despite everything, I am excited to play this game. As for why? Well, let me break it down into parts. Also this post is sure to be long so don't say I didn't warn you.

1. The Gameplay
Okay so I am going to speak from the heart here and this will cause people to want to get out their torches and pitchforks out at me but if I may be honest; I really didn't care for the Gameplay of the original Marvel vs Capcom Games. Now don't get me wrong, the base characters moveset and their flashy animations I really did love but what I hated about this game was the fact that the games were 3 vs 3 WITH assists thrown in as well. Now I'm not against the concept of assists but what I don't like is the way the system limited your options on how to form a competitive team.
At 1 point in my gamer life, I decided that I wanted to play Marvel vs Capcom 3 Infinite Competitively and while I was prepared to practise daily to get good at the game, what I didn't like was the way the system's assist made it so you have to use a certain character with another to maximize the performance. So many times I found myself not being able to use fighters I loved because they simply lacked the synergy. I would even sometimes pitch team setups to other players and rarely was I able to get a team people approved of.
This, of course, lead to me being annoyed because I simply couldn't make the team I wanted and had to resort to playing characters I didn't really care for.
This brings me to why I am so happy about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite doing away with the assist system, now you have a simple tag-in system that can function "like" an assist but without all that annoying team setup nonsense. This is actually 1 of the reasons I loves Street Fighter x Tekken, that game had a great tag-in system and I could combine whoever I wanted and still make it a functioning team. I will admit I would have liked a 3 vs 3 mode on this game but 2 vs 2 is all good with me. And yeah I know Dragonball FighterZ has the same assist system as the original Marvel vs Capcom games but as I'm a huge Dragonball fan, I just cannot bring myself to skip that game, not to mention the team setup complaint I had may not even apply there anyway. Plus there's the concept of the infinity stones which I think looks awesome and it actually has a gameplay factor.
I spent way longer on this part than I wanted so let's just move onto the next.

2. The Story
Yeah Yeah I know the story hasn't exactly impressed many people and while I admit I've seen many stories way better, there is 1 reason I am happy this is happening; The fact that they actually decided to do it!
I'm gonna be blunt, the story modes in past Marvel vs Capcom games have always left me unsatisfied because of how lacking they felt and I was also left saying to myself; Why don't they take advantage of this and make a full story?
What I mean by that is Capcom right now has the ability to make a game with Marvel characters legally and yet they kept passing on the chance to make a full story? There are so many amazing characters from both universes so putting them in a story-filled environment could really be entertaining! And that's why I am happy they are finally doing that. They are getting faces like Ryu, Megaman X, Captain Marvel, and Spiderman and putting them to good use! I realize the story may end up being sub-par but at least I can walk knowing that they actually took advantage of this chance and made it happen.

3. Many returning characters
"What Chris? Dude, there's way too many returning characters and hardly any new characters! How can you say this is a reason to get excited?"
Well see the thing is, I'm the sort of person that actually prefers it when there's a handful of new characters but they keep as much of the previous game's characters as possible. This is 1 of the reasons I adore the BlazBlue franchise, with every new game they bring in some new faces but they keep in almost all of the characters from past games. Hell, BlazBlue Central Fiction has every single playable character from all the past games and I love that!
This is why I actually appreciate them bringing back many of the past game's characters and while I am bummed there's no Amaterasu and Wesker, I am greatly happy to see Strider, Nemesis, Chris, Frank West, Dante, Zero, Ghost Rider, Nova, Hawkeye, and Rocket Raccoon return. Plus, we finally get Zero and Megaman X in the same game! How awesome is that?
To me, when you add on the DLC cast that are all newcomers as well as the newcomers in the base game, I actually think there's a nice selection to choose from. Yes I agree the 6 DLC characters should have been in the base game but if you ask me, 30 characters is a good number. I mean, you guys do realize Marvel vs Capcom Infinite's base roster is actually more than Street Fighter V including the DLC, right? I think after the disappointment of that game's base roster, I've come to appreciate the 30 character roster for this game, and that's without the DLC!
I'm not going to sugar-coat it and say the roster is perfect, it's far from perfect, but I can definitely say I've seen far worse.

And that's it! Those are my 3 main reasons for why I'm excited to play this game. Keep in mind all these are my personal opinions and you're more than free to disagree with them if you wish, opinions are a beautiful thing after all.

If you read this entire book then man, you have some amazing patience, thank you for taking the time to read.
Take care everyone and I look forward to any replies I may get.

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Re: Despite Everything, I am excited for this game

Postby Zombiebrian » Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:52 am

Me to cant wait to be back playing again. I ditched SFV early due to really disliking it and since ive not really found a fighting game for me. Despite all the problems my body is ready
Angry old survivor from 2009 eventhubs :evil:

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