Injustice 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken

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Injustice 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken

Postby gohan16ken » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:55 pm


Serious question, not trolling, what is the differences between gears in Injustice 2 and gems in Street Fighter x Tekken? With the exception of the latter costing month, both seem very similar and have the same purpose. Yet, no one is complaining about gears. Thanks.
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Re: Injustice 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken

Postby UncleBibby » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:05 pm

the gems in SFxTK were temporary buffs that, after you chose the ones you wanted, were given to you mid-match ONLY if you cleared a specific goal for each buff. so for instance, you could equip a gem that gave you a 5% increase in attack power ONLY once you had blocked 10 normal attacks. You started the game out with every gem in the whole game unlocked EXCEPT for the paid ones, which you had to buy individually, and were typically an enhanced version of an existing non-paid gem.

Gear in Injustice 2 is given or not given to you randomly after certain matches, whether you win OR lose. you start out with no gear for any character, and slowly accumulate gear as you play matches. You can only equip one piece of each kind of gear, so for instance, one head gear piece, one arms gear piece, one chest gear piece, one legs gear piece, and one other gear piece, plus two "ability" gear pieces. Each piece of gear gives you a slight buff to your character's stats, or an ability.

In SFXTK it was impossible to play without gems unless you specifically used loadouts that had no gems equipped.

In Injustice 2 you can just turn off the effects of the gear before a match without unequipping the gear.

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