Introduction Thread - Say hi!

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Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby JetX » Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:19 am

So after reformatting the forum (which looks pretty now!) we decided to have all intros centered in one thread.

Welcome, newcomer! Introduce yourself, share what you like, your games, your characters, your gamertag/PSN. Don't be shy. :D
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby Zombiebrian » Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:34 am

Hi guys im Zombie Brian,

Been into fighting games since i was a kid, got my first taste of real competition in 2009 with sf4, now i play multiple games and to as high a level as i can. I see online mostly just for training or fun with friends. Ive also messed with the insides of sticks feel free to ask me about them.

Im from Scotland part of the UK (for now) we have a very good scene for the size of the country and i helped run for a while when i was able. I work full time nightshift, no kids but a wonderful gamer wife.

Mostly im still playing ssf4aev.2012 but i'll give almost anything a bash. add me on xbl Zombie_Brian

oh im an admin in charge of the forum here too... so dont screw around... you screw around in here you get hurt... :x
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby sarif2soon » Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:56 am

My name is sarif2soon, I'm from jeddah saudi arabia. I've played a lot of games before fighting games, including yu-gi-oh!, pokemon, counter strike and sudoku. But after watching evo moment #37 along with other youtube street fighter videos, I've left every other type of game for FGs. This was 2 years ago, and since then I've come to realize that fighting games are the best kind of competitive gaming to ever exist.

It really saddens me that we don't have a scene here (tournaments, yes, but rare), but I won't stop hoping.
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby FatMus2 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:58 am

Hello there.
The name's Mustafa, but people call me Mustu for short (which has since been stylised online as Mus2). I'm from England but my family is predominantly Indian.
I like Fighting Games (oh really?), The original Castlevania quadrilogy, Nintendo and generally older games because I'm not a fan of the direction current gaming has taken.
Last year I was forced away from fighting games cos of Uni but hopefully this year I can get back; I'll be waiting on the next version of SF4.
I also love to watch movies alot.
My favourite video game character is Heihachi (excluding the Tag 2 version), and I think you could guess my favourite comic book character lol.
And that's me in a nutshell.
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby Keyblade » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:25 am

What's up everyone I'm Keyblade but you can call me dq if you want (some people still do)

Gotten into fighting games around late 2010 and join this site in the summer of 2011 so I'm still new school (kinda), never knew fighting games were in-depth as they are now. Got a soft spot when it comes to girl fighters hence why I main mostly girls in fighting games and why I've been called "Lady Lover of Eventhubs" on quite a few occasions. Some of my favorite fighters being Julia, Sakura, Lei, Ibuki, Asuka, Xiaoyu, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Rose and Chun-li. Outside of fighters I do love me some Kingdom Hearts, Tales of series and the Shin Megami Tensei series including Persona along with Non-RPG's such as Tomb Raider and Sonic. I tend to watch tons of animes with some of my favorites being Tiger and Bunny, Tenchi series, One Piece, Naruto, FMA, Megaman NT Warrior series and so forth.

Enough about me if anyone is up for some sparring add me on XBL (Keyblade9) or PSN (KeyBladeWeilder9).
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby JetX » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:45 am

Jet, your junior mod.

Joined EH in 2010, about the same time I decided I'd play FGs and get decent at them. I played SF since 2010-2012 actively, sorta meh right now focusing on Injustice, that is, if you call slacking on games for school as focusing. I ususally play rushdown/mix-up characters, all of them apparently blonde. Abel/Guile/Cody/Ken for SF, Harley Quinn in Injustice, Zero/Wesker in Marvel. I also play Battlefield (Eww, FPS!) and old platformers. Aside from gaming, I enjoy drowning myself in music. :D
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby Lavama » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:43 am

Hey there everybody I'm your local Lavama. I figured since this is here, I need to say hi, so, hi!

I started playing fighting games starting with Marvel vs Street Fighter at the local arcade in, sheesh, 2002 or something like that where I would use random teams of Marvel characters such as Blackheart and Shumag, Wolverine and Spidey, and sometimes I would even choose Ken and Wolverine. Of course, being eight at the time, I was crap, even WITH Easy on. So I tended to stay away from Fighters until 2006, when I got Soul Calibur 2 for the Gamecube. That's when I got into fighters. With Soul Calibur 2, I picked up Link rather quickly because, well, it's Link, and I was a twelve year old Zelda fan. But then, playing against the "Puppet Man" (Yoshimitsu), I became a fan of him, because I would constantly take a new character to that level in the story mode to get more money and learn characters, which is where I learned Sophitia, my current Soul Calibur main. (And Nightmare because a Demon Sword with a Purple Knight's cool. I loved the name twist, as well.) This leads me into going back to the arcade, taking on a challenge of beating the local champions Mitsirugi with my Nightmare. I proceeded to crush him, and was promptly called a cheater, and was re-challenged. To another victory I rode. Then he challenged me to arcade mode, and I accepted, because I loved the game. I got to the level before Inferno, and promptly lost because I had to leave.

And then, a year later, Tekken 5 had it's expansion pack come out at the arcade, and I took to Tekken well with Kuma and Roger Jr. Not as well as Soul Calibur, though. They also had a Mortal Kombat machine, so I tried that out, and got whipped. But, then, I saw the Marvel vs Street Fighter machine again, and I took to it much better. I got my secondary team of Spider-Man and Wolverine, and proceeded to win two matches before I had to leave. And then, that week, my Dad introduced me to MAME. And I became thrown into a world of Arcades. Then came 2009, where I got into Street Fighter and King of Fighters. I remembered the Street Fighter name, so I tried that first, and liked it, my favorite being (And still is) ALFA TOO. This lead to me fighting two people online and winning most of the time with Sakura, and then with Alpha 3, winning with Cammy and Adon from time to time. Then I got SSF4 for the 360 about the start of 2011, and, holy cow. That was a fun game. I had also gotten Tekken 6's Limited Edition for $50, meaning I got Tekken 6, the Art Book, AND the Fight Stick from said game for $50 bucks. Best damned purchase I've ever made for games. I loved it. The Fightstick felt all but bad in my hands, and I took to it like a bird to a strong wind: Struggled at first, but I eventually overcame. I had to get rid of my 360 due to being ripped off a year ago by Microsoft, and have been a Sony/Nintendo console gamer ever since. But in my heart, I'm a PC gamer. (And I love TvC, and my main two teams are Karas/Morrigan and G. Lightan.)
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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby Kalamari » Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:27 pm

Hey everyone! Love the new forums, btw!

I guess I will share a little about myself and my relative inexperience with fighting games. My first fighting game was Street Fighter 2 on SNES. Most of the time I would just play against the CPU, but occasionally I would have the opportunity to play against my friends, which was fun until I became tired of losing. Since then, I didn't play many fighting games up until I started again with Street Fighter 4 last year, although I tried to play Street Fighter Alpha when it was in arcades, the competition was pretty intimidating.

So that's me in a nutshell. Currently, I mostly play Skullgirls, I absolutely love the mechanics. To me, it seems like it has a much easier learning curve compared to SSF4AE2012, stick and button movements like UMvC3, but with far better netcode. Even though some folks may not be a fan of the art style, in my noobie opinion I think the underlying game engine and mechanics are very solid.

So, if anyone is looking for a Skullgirls or SSF4AE2012 sparring buddy, my gamertag is Kalamari. Send me a FR.

I have been thinking about buying a PS3 as soon as I spot a good deal, so I will be on that console as well. I figure I am going to need one to play Chronophantasma, that game looks pretty good from what I have seen.

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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby RebornKnight » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:15 pm

Hello one and all, thanks to Kenshiro and keyblade for showing me were to introduce my self to you all. Im hoping to meet and try to be a awesome fighter and go fight some really good people but get good as well. im a nice guy and love my fighters but im well rounded all the same. thank and hi

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Re: Introduction Thread - Say hi!

Postby Darkth » Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:02 pm

Hello to all the fighters and fighting game fans in a wonderful community such as EventHubs. My name is Michael and i live in the United States of America.

I've been in the middle in terms of every discussion. My biggest dream (and goal in progress) is to become a video game developer. I wanted to create video games with both creativity and passion for all people to enjoy. However, most people don't take me seriously when i try my hardest in the video game developer field. I have started my dream at the age of 11 when i was playing around with Game Maker. I now try my best to work with C++ and Java because i want to develop console video games that everyone can both enjoy locally and online :)

The reason i registered and decided to join this community is because i'm a huge fighting game fan. I love fighting games because it builds up so much hype and has all these exciting moments. It's also because of it's straightforward action that keeps the players going. There's so much depth and strategy between the characters and mechanics that it doesn't feel one-sided all the time. I watch these fighting game videos time to time and i play these fighting games and other games locally with my 3 wonderful brothers. However, i'm not a skilled professional at these games. I'm only just a casual fighter with some experience and i have so much more to learn from these games.

Another reason i registered and decided to join this community is to share a project in the planning/works that i have held on my back for 2 years and i wanted to hear from the people that love the genre of fighting games their honest suggestions and such. I hope to be a dedicated member to these forums and i hope you can give me the chance to show what i am capable of :)


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