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New to Dead or Alive? Start Here!

Postby |Virtua Kazama| » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:17 pm

What's up EH? Your boy VirtuaKazama here back again with another guide, this time with sexiest fighting game: Dead or Alive. Just like what I did with Virtua Fighter, I'll give you the system mechanics, FAQs, and more!


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Re: New to Dead or Alive? Start Here!

Postby |Virtua Kazama| » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:17 pm

System Mechanics

1. Controls
Just like Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive is also played using a 3-button system: Punch, Kick, and Free(Hold). If you seen my beginners guide to Virtua Fighter, then you already know this already.

Since DOA2 came out for consoles, the control scheme is now like this today:

Although this is a 3-Button Styled game, the control scheme on the controller is already mapped as shown on top of the screen. Now if you have an arcade stick like me (it doesn't matter which one), you can just map it to only 3 buttons like in VF. For example, I have a Qanba stick, and I set my controls to X/Square for Guard, Y/Triangle for Punch, and RB/R1 for Kick for that VF feel. Same thing for DOA.

2. Joystick
Like every other 3D fighter, DOA is controlled by using all 8 directions on the Joystick.
:joystick-up-left: :joystick-up: :joystick-up-right:
:joystick-left: :plus: :joystick-right:
:joystick-down-left: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right:

In text, it goes like this:


3. Buttons
Just like Virtua Fighter, DOA also have a 3-Button system for command input. These buttons are:

:punch: - Punch
:kick: - Kick
:button-g: Free(Hold)

:punch: - Punch. Your ordinary standard punch attacks. Nothing else to be said about it since it works like VF: elbows, uppercuts, etc..

:kick: - Kick. Just your standard kick attacks. Same as above, just side kicks, low kicks, and kick flips.

:button-g: - Free (or Hold). This is your guard button, although you can hold back to block. If the button is held down, then you block all incoming attacks. If the button is tapped along with any direction, the character will perform a counter hold. Also used for cliffhangers. I'll explain counter holds on the Tips and Strategies section.

:punch: :plus: :button-g: - Throw. There is a throw button preset already on the standard controller, but I prefer pressing :punch: :plus: :button-g: . But hey, whatever floats your boat. Pressing a standard :punch: :plus: :button-g: will only do normal damage. Inputting any direction and a throw and throw combos will do more damage. Pretty much every character has a throw combo, but some of them are POWERFUL!

I'll explain on how to escape throws on the tips and strategies section.

:punch: :plus: :kick: - A slower, but powerful punch. This can also be used as switching the character's stance, critical bursts, and power blows.

:kick: :plus: :button-g: - A slower, but powerful kick. If you use either one of the VF characters (Sarah or Pai) you get that jet sound effect.

:punch: :plus: :kick: :plus: :button-g: - This is a Tag button, used in tag matches only. Not gonna be used much often unless you feel like your character has low health.

:attack-button: - Appeal. This is your taunt button. Again, not much use for it either. Sometimes when you taunt, cool things do happen. For example, if you pick Zack's silver or gold alien costume, his antenna will glow once he does his taunt.

There is a Power Blow button preset on there. See Gameplay, Tips, & Strategies for Power Blows

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Re: New to Dead or Alive? Start Here!

Postby |Virtua Kazama| » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:18 pm

Gameplay, Tips & Strategies

There are certain things you need to get to know before you go in and play the game. Here are some tips and strategies on DOA.

Part 1: Gameplay and Strategies

Chapter 1: Triangle System
First things first, let's talk about the Triangle System. What is the Triangle System you might ask? This picture below will explain it (Taken from the DOA5 website):

This game defines rock-paper-scissors. Keep this in mind for beginners:

Rock = Strikes
Paper = Holds
Scissors = Throw

and also:

Strike >Throw
Throw > Hold
Hold > Strike

If you remember these during battle, you should be fine whatsoever.

Chapter 2: Holds
Ah yes, holds. Another main factor in DOA. Holds are your counter tool against striking moves. Use holds to deflect your opponent's attack, sometimes parry for some characters. Here are some commands that will help you:

Standard Holds
These are your standard holds. They use a 4-Point Hold system and are considered to be weak in damaging.
:joystick-up-left: :plus: :button-g: - Counters high attacks
:joystick-left: :plus: :button-g: - Counters mid punches (in a 3-Point Hold game, it covers all mid attacks)
:joystick-down-left: :plus: :button-g: - Counters low attacks
:joystick-right: :plus: :button-g: - Counters mid kicks

Expert Holds
These holds are new in DOA5. Every character will have a expert hold. These are harder to land than the standard 4-Point Hold system, but they are more damaging.
:joystick-right: :joystick-left: :plus: :button-g: - Counters mid punches
:joystick-left: :joystick-right: :plus: :button-g: - Counters mid kicks

Advance Holds
These holds are for Lei-Fang, Bayman, and Marie Rose only. Pretty much the most damaging ones here.
:joystick-right: :joystick-up-left: :plus: :button-g: - Counters high punches
:joystick-left: :joystick-up-right: :plus: :button-g: - Counters high kicks
:joystick-right: :joystick-down-left: :plus: :button-g: - Counters low punches
:joystick-left: :joystick-down-right: :plus: :button-g: - Counters low kicks

Although they do little or no damage, this can throw your opponent off-guard, opening up to some combos. Only Kasumi, Hayabusa, Eliot, Gen Fu, Lei-Fang, Bayman, and Hitomi will have parry moves.

:joystick-up-right: :plus: :button-g: - Parries high attacks
:joystick-down-right: :plus: :button-g: - Parries mid attacks

(A quick note: The characters with parry moves will have different properties. Hitomi's 9H works for both high and mid attacks, while Hayabusa has an auto mid punch/mid kick parry during his ninpo stance. Be mindful on the characters properties.)

Offensive Holds
In DOA 4, all characters had at least 2 Offensive Holds. But now in DOA5, only grapple characters have Offensive Holds. They are like throws, but they do beat out regular attacks if you time it correctly. They are also comparable to catch throws, but the only difference is that OHs can be beaten out by regular throws.

Chapter 3: Stuns
There are various stuns in the game. These stuns are:

Sit-Down Stuns - A stun that puts you in a sit-down state. Although it cannot be held out of a stun, you can Stagger Escape it.

Limbo Stun - A stun that can puts you in a position as if you were doing limbo. Cannot hold out of that stun.

Faint Stun

Stagger Stun

Critical Threshold - The maximum amount of stun possible before the opponent is knocked down, reset, or launched.

Critical Bursts - NEW to DOA5. If you land a combo that is within the limit of the critical threshold, you can use a critical burst. Critical Bursts leaves your opponent in a defenseless state, which means it can give you an opportunity to land a juggling combo, Power Blow, and other moves. In DOA5 Ultimate, during a tag battle you can use a Tag Burst, in which you land a combo within the critical threshold you can tag in your partner for a Critical Burst.

Force Out - NEW to DOA5 ULTIMATE. Force outs are similar to snapbacks from the Marvel vs. Capcom series. This mechanic will force your opponent's primary character out and send out the secondary character. Once the primary character is forced out, he/she is temporary disabled for a brief moment. This is only found in tag only.

Slip Stuns - This is gonna be your nightmare if you are fighting on water or ice. Mid and low attacks that don't usually stun you on dry land will pretty much trip you up on water surface. The key is to take advantage while fighting on water surfaces.
(P.S.: According to one of the members of DOAWorld, Ends of the Earth is 100% ice, since it's in Antarctica. Be careful.)

Slow Escapes - This is used to get out of a stun and getting back into neutral state. To perform a Slow Escape, hold the :button-g: button and toggle the left thumbstick. The faster you do it, the quicker you recover from a stun. In DOA5 Ultimate, you can do it in any speed.

There are some drawbacks on slow escapes. Unavoidable start-ups is one of the drawbacks. Also if you got hit by a Critical Burst, you are not gonna be able to slow escape. You are gonna be left open to the next follow-up. Also called a "Stagger Escape".

Chapter 4: Virtua Fighter 5 Fighter Showdown Elements in DOA5 Ultimate
With the release of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, there are gameplay elements that can be found in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown.

Flop - A flop occurs when your opponent is launched into the air first before they drop hard to the ground which produces the same leg flopping animation as a slam. However, you are unable to perform a Fall Recovery.

Blast Back - This type of knockdown knocks the opponent far away skidding on their backs as their legs flop over their head. Fall Recovery is possible, however within range some attacks can be a guaranteed follow-up.

Heavy Bound - One of my favorite knockdowns in VF5 Final Showdown. Heavy Bounds have an airborne or crumpled opponent hit hard and then momentarily stand up on their feet before they fall into a Face Up, Feet Towards position. With Heavy Bounds, you have a higher opportunity to extend your combos compared to light bounds. Fall Recovery is possible at the end of the animation.

Spinning Knockdown - This type of knockdown sends your opponent spinning into the air, landing in a Face Down, Head Away position. Fall Recovery is possible.

Head-Over-Heels Knockdown - This special knockdown sends your opponent rolling back head over heels. Only certain attacks does this effect. Fall Recovery is possible.

Chapter 5: Danger Zones & Others
Danger Zones - One of the main parts in DOA history. These danger zones can cause major damage if you knock your opponent into one. Danger Zones include electric floors, power generators, walls, electric walls, animals, etc.

Power Blows - NEW to DOA5. Once the power blow is hit, your character goes into a short animation in which you decide where to send your opponent, whether it's a danger zone or not. To use power blows, your health bar must be at 50%, and you can only use it once per round. Power blows can be avoided by sidestepping or holds. Very easy to react to them. To cancel a power blow, press :joystick-down: :joystick-down: or :joystick-up: :joystick-up: .

EDIT: With the addition of Power Launchers in DOA5 Ultimate, Power Blows are now only for beginners who want to deliver damage.

Cliffhangers - NEW to DOA5. If your get knocked out over the edge, and grab the ledge at the last second, it'll go into a playable action sequence between you and your opponent. If your opponent tries to attack you, respond by either guarding or punching to block it. If your opponent tries to grab you, respond by grabbing in which it will throw your opponent off the cliff, taking a small amount of damage. But if your opponent wins the cliffhanger by attacking or grabbing while you are on the ledge, prepare to take some serious damage...

Power Launcher - NEW to DOA5 ULTIMATE. Power Launchers can launch your opponent really high in the air, giving you various juggle opportunities. Just like power blows, you can only do it once per round, and your life bar must be under 50%. Power Launchers are suitable for advance DOA players that want to extend on their combos and deliver high damage.

Guard Cancelling - Guard cancelling is when you press the :button-g: while you are doing a command input. This cancels the string so that you can start up a new command. I mentioned this on the Virtua Fighters Beginners Page.

Part 2: Tips
These tips here will help you become more of a better and smarter fighter. Let's begin, shall we?

*Button Mashing is a BIG NO-NO! Trust me, I've done it myself and I can't lie, I got bodied. The biggest downside of button mashing is that you don't know what you are doing. You need to break that habit. Sparring mode will help you out in this situation, don't be afraid to use it. I understand that it gets hard for you when you panic or things are looking bad for your character. Been there, done that. If you keep calm while you are under pressure, then you will be fine. Thanks to a DOA guide I found on GameFAQs here are some reasons why you should never button mash:

1) You will accidentally hit more than one button at the same time, thus doing
things you probably don't want to do like taunt or throw.

2) You may accidentally hit your taunt button which is guaranteed pain for you
unless you planned your taunt.

3) If it's a tag match you may accidentally sub your characters in and out
making them take unnecessary damage.

4) The computer will probably have you for breakfast.

Once again, break the habit of button mashing.

*Other than practicing combos, spend some time practicing on your counter holds on sparring mode. As I previously stated, counter holds are your most important defensive tool. Learn how to use them well and read your opponent's attacks.

*Don't try to go for every hold for every attack that your opponent throws at you unless if you are really good on your timing. I've done it before and I've seen many other beginners do it as well and it always leaves them open.

*When knocked down, don't try to use a wake up attack. You will get a counter hold from your opponent. Just get up without doing any attack OR use a special wake-up attack.

*Practice your throw combos if you want to gain extra damage.

*Danger Zones can help you out. Don't be afraid to use them.

*Sidestep, sidestep, SIDESTEP!

*Lastly, if you are serious about DOA, get involved in their community! There are websites, locals, events, etc. that are really into DOA. Get involved!

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Re: New to Dead or Alive? Start Here!

Postby |Virtua Kazama| » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:18 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is DOA similar to Virtua Fighter?

Since 1996, the first DOA game used a similar engine that was used on Virtua Fighter 2. It also has the same control scheme that is still used today.

2. What does "Age 99" do?

DOA is known for it's breast physics. Setting that mode to Age 99 would put more bounce to the ounce. Also, I recommend this song while playing the game. You'll be rewarded.

3. Is there another way to block instead of pressing the free button?

Yes, you could always hold back to block. That's optional.

4. Will Akira and Sarah play similar to their VF5FS counterparts on DOA5?

Gameplay-wise, Akira and Sarah are similar to their FS counterparts on DOA5. The only difference is their move properties.

5. What does the Collector's Edition of DOA5 include?

Check out DOA5's main website
In the collector's edition, you get the game, steel case packaging, an Hardcover art book, premium swimsuit costumes for the female cast, a CD soundtrack, and a DOA5 poster.

6. I heard you can share records on Facebook. Is that true?

Yep. You can share your titles and your fight record on your Facebook.

7. I never played the first DOA game on the Sega Saturn. Where can I play it?

There are several ways to find and play the first DOA game on the Saturn/Model 2:

*Get a Japanese Saturn and DOA.
*Use a Model 2 Emulator to play DOA.
*Use any Sega Saturn Emulator to play DOA.
*Buy Dead or Alive Ultimate for the Xbox.

8. What's the connection between Ninja Gaiden and DOA?

Although Ninja Gaiden came out before DOA, they both feature the same character: Ryu Hayabusa. Some of his costumes on DOA came from the Ninja Gaiden series, such as the current black ninja suit that he wore in the Ninja Gaiden reboot. Others include the NES-styled costume in the original Ninja Gaiden series.

In the reboot, some DOA characters make a appearance such as Ayane and Hayate. Also, Ayane and Hayabusa both appeared in Warriors Orochi 3, which is a extremely good game.

9. Final question: In DOA2 there was a nude code for Kasumi.Is it true?

Sadly yes, but she has no nipples. To do the code, you need a PS2, a copy of DOA2 or DOA2: Hardcore, and a Action Replay or Gameshark. If you want the pics, GOOGLE it ya perverts!

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Re: New to Dead or Alive? Start Here!

Postby |Virtua Kazama| » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:54 pm

Other sources

FreeStepDodge - A very good site for the DOA community.

DOA World - Dead or Alive Number One Source. Another good site to check out. Also covers Ninja Gaiden and other DOA side series such as Online and Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

DOA IPL - IGN's IPL Youtube Channel for DOA.

Dead or Alive 5 Official Site - The official website for Dead or Alive 5. (WARNING: must be 17 or older to view.)

History of DOA - I cover information on all DOA games from the first game to the fifth game, including updates and side games such as Dimensions and Xtreme series.

DOA storylines coming soon.

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Re: New to Dead or Alive? Start Here!

Postby |Virtua Kazama| » Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:02 pm

Ver. 1.03 Changes

Version 1.03 of DOA5 is about to be released on Jan. 22 on the PS3 and Feb. 29 on the 360. Here are the balance changes of DOA5:

*Fixed voice playback at the start of a match because it was actually playing back 15f later than the start.

*Tripled crouching speed against high attacks.

*Changed standing/crouching switch frame during normal status, when guarding, etc. from 5⇒3F. However, you can guard against at low attack in 1F, and crouch against a high attack in 2F.

*Fixed a bug just after guard recovery, etc. that caused a frame where the player was unable to perform a hold and could only guard. The one frame in which a player could guard but not hold has been changed to allow both guards and holds.

*Changed default health to 270. Change affects Arcade, Time Attack, Survival and other modes as well.

*Removed Counter adjustments after ceiling throws. Even Hi Counter follow up attacks act like normal hits.

*Changed to allow a strike if throws overlap after rising/tech rolling.

*Changed normal sidestep properties for all characters to 0(20)5.

*Improved control input to make it harder for derivative followup moves to be triggered accidentally from sidestep.

*Improved control input to make it harder to trigger taunts accidentally when pressing up/down when sidestep controls are set to 8 or 2H+P+K.

*Fixed an issue that retained a hold input performed while the player could not hold until the unholdable interval had ended. The input buffer for Critical Holds was also changed to 12F, just like strikes. This improves play by reducing unintended moves triggered by inputs during unholdable periods.

*Made H Cancel work better when used during a status other than strike. For example, it is harder when inputting 7PHK to mistakenly trigger 7PK.

*Fixed reach for down throws being too long when the opponent's head was close.

*Adjusted the back rising motion for Mila, Rig and VF characters. This corrects the weird speed that they could move back with.

*The latter half of stuns from moves like Helena's 3KK are fixed to be invulnerable just like other of the same kinds of stuns.

*Changed stuns from mid and low rising kicks on normal hit to small stuns.

*Changed all back-turned stuns that do not down the player to end with the player facing front.

*Added a ground shake effect to make sit-down stuns easier to spot.

*All drop (vertical) kicks cannot be tech rolled.

*Fixed a bug that made stuns after certain characters' moves the same as a Critical Finish stun.

*Fixed a bug when an opponent was already in some stuns which cannot be tech rolled and a followup attack was made, then the un-tech-rollable status was maintained.

*Lengthened the Critical Burst stun 5F, making followup attacks easier.

*Changed behavior when near a wall to cause a Critical Burst even if the opponent uses a Critical Hold.

*Fixed an issue that displayed a red "CRITICAL STUN" during a Critical state from which a Critical Burst cannot be performed, for example after breaking an object after a Critical Burst.

*Fixed some objects that would not turn transparent when covering a character.

*Changed the way Danger Zone damage is calculated (except for Cliffhangers). Changed all Danger Zone damage from throws and holds from to 16%+4 to 20%.

*Changed Slip Zones to only cause slipping on Counter Hit or higher.

*When an opponent's throw or OH lands during the entrance or exit of a tag change, it is now treated as a Counter Hit.

*Fixed an issue that added the combo adjustment when performing a tag throw after a juggle in Tag Mode.

*Fixed an issue that added the combo adjustment when performing an air throw or down throw during a juggle in Tag Mode.

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