Shin Sakura PC Mod- AE Style Akuma Moveset with New Moves!

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Shin Sakura PC Mod- AE Style Akuma Moveset with New Moves!

Postby orgolove » Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:02 pm

Shin Sakura - Advanced Akuma Moveset with New Moves PC Mod
Hi there.

I was able to extensively mod the PC version of Street Fighter 4. As the AE edition is now coming out for the PC in July, I would like to present to you my final work in this version of Street Fighter 4, and show you the potential of PC modding of such an awesome game.


Video links:
Combo Video

Explanation Video


Shin Sakura, or "God" Sakura, has embraced the power of Satsui no Hadou, or the Art of Killing Intent.

Improving on Akuma's Ansatsuken Karate, Sakura has learned many new moves.

New moves:
Air Slash - Sakura splits the ground open with one slash from afar. Hits low, knocks down, can juggle. (no meter needed)

Hadou Echo - Sakura can return enemy projectiles just by staring at it. Any returned projectiles have their damage increased by 10%. This also reflects EX projectiles. (no meter needed)

Hadou Kick - Sakura can shoot fireballs sideways, diagonally, or horizontally upward by charging ki into her legs and throwing them out. Angled fireballs deal 2 hits, while horizontal fireballs deal 4 hits. EX version goes through blocks.


Air Jump - Sakura can release a burst of ki from her feet to jump multiple times while in the air.

Command Throw - Sakura has a command grab with a range of 1.75 (a bit more than L piledriver in vanilla). It is a 0 frame grab with 170 damage and 200 stun.

Low jump - Sakura can release her ki while on the ground to do a series of low jumps to surprise enemies. Distance/height varies with button pressed and range from opponent, with p buttons traveling further and higher than k.

Air normals - 8/9mk does a quick air tatsumaki that juggles. 8/9hk does a quick aerial shoryuken. 8/9mp does a very fast divekick that launches enemy. 8/9hp throws a horizontal aerial fireball that hits once.

Hadou Meteor - Sakura can throw two fireballs while in air without needing meter, at different angles depending on button pressed. EX version throws a meteor storm - many slow-moving huge multihitting fireballs.


Super is now the same as the ultra Shun Goku Satu, but doesn't drain revenge meter. Both super and ultra can now grab enemies during their hit recovery, letting you combo into it from almost anything.

Complete list of changes and improvements:

Walk/Dash speeds doubled. Dash starup/recovery removed.
Jump height is increased by 20% over other characters (all directions), and landing delay is removed.
All hits will now juggle any opponent in the air. The opponent will also catch on fire as long as the combo lasts (only visual effect).
Facial animations have been fixed to work both during gameplay and during beginning and ending cutscenes.
Voicepack has been reconstructed from scratch to correctly play the right voices during attacks, fireballs, shoryukens, etc.

Far standing lp and lk are low jumps that cover fullscreen/halfway distance.
Far standing mp/mk/hp/hk have had their startup and recovery greatly improved. It should beat most other pokes cleanly.
Close standing lp/lk are short jumps with high/low height.
Close standing mp/hp/mk juggles.
Close standing hk - first hit launches, second hit knocks down.
Crouching lp/lk are jabs with longer hit box (juggles).
Crouching mp/mk knocks down with longer hit box.
Crouching hp/hk launches (juggles).
Crouching hp hits twice on crouching opponents.


Jumping (forward and neutral) lk is a juggling kick that can be repeatedly canceled while in air. It has a huge hitbox and stays active the whole time until it hits the enemy, after which it can be canceled.
Jumping (forward and neutral) lp is air jump.
Jumping (forward and neutral) mk is a quick air tatsumaki.
Jumping (forward and neutral) mp is very fast divekick that launches on hit.
Jumping (forward and neutral) hk is a quick air shoryuken.
Jumping (forward and neutral) hp is a quick air single hit sideways fireball.

6mp (command normal) - first hit juggles, second hit knocks down.
92mk (command normal) - very quick divekick.


Throw range (both forward and backward) has been increased to 1.5 and their recovery has been decreased by 60%.

-Focus Attacks-
All hits juggle.
Focus attacks go through blocks from level 1.
Focus attacks absorb unlimited number of (non armor-breaking) hits.

All hits juggle.
Regular Hadokens have had their animation changed to Akuma's Shakunetsu Hadoken charge. The delay has still been greatly reduced to be similar to sonic booms.
All Hadokens now hit 4 times for 200 damage, juggles, and knocks down. Hadoken speed is determined by punch button.
EX hadoken goes through blocks and goes very fast.

-Shakunetsu (Fire) hadoken-
All hits juggle.
Changed to Hadou Kick. (commands are still the same)
L hadou kick immediately throws a 2-hit fireball upward.
M hadou kick throws another fireball towards the upper right corner, followed by the l fireball.
H hadou kick throws a very slow 4-hit fireball sideways followed by the l fireball.
EX hadou kick goes through blocks, but otherwise is same as H hadou kick.

-Tatsumaki (Hurricane Kick)-
All hits juggle.
Recovers immediately after last hit for all versions.
H tatsumaki can combo into ex shoryuken, among other combo possibilities.
Ex tatsumaki can hit airborne enemies for full hit, and puts them in spinning recovery (i.e. last hit of gouken's ex tatsumaki).

-Air Tatsumaki-
All hits juggle.
L tatsumaki launches enemy.
M tatsumaki knocks enemy down (armor breaking).
H tatsumaki puts enemy in spinning recovery (armor breaking).
Ex tatsumaki hits airborne opponents for full 5 hits and last hit puts enemy in spinning recovery.

All hits juggle.
L shoryuken barely rises to the ground.
M shoryuken rises as high as regular L shoryuken.
H shoryuken rises as high as regular M shoryuken.
All shoryukens recover immediately after landing.

-Zanku Hadoken (Hadou Meteor/Air Hadouken)-
All hits juggle.
All normal moves send two 2-hit fireballs.
L zanku throws one fireball downward and one towards lower right corner.
M zanku throws one fireball in a steep angle and one fireball downward.
H zanku throws one fireball towards lower right corner and one fireball in a steep angle.
EX zanku throws 16 slow-moving 2-hit fireballs that deal a huge stun damage.
All moves recover immediately after landing.


*Note - when you combine this move with air jumps, if you go beyond a certain height, you are considered out of game. Any fireballs you shoot while being too high will cause them to be useless and just go through the enemy without touching them.


All teleports move much faster.
All teleports have had their startup and recovery frames greatly reduced. .
PPP teleport forward can cross up depending on the normal you use after you land next to opponent.
KKK teleport forward command executes Hadou Echo.
KKK teleport backward command executes the Air Slash.


-Hyakki Syu (Demon Flip)-
Startup of all demon flips and recovery of all follow ups are much faster.
l demon flip command executes the command grab (1.75 range, 170 damage/200 stun, 0 frame grab).
Dive kick follow up is much faster and lets you recover with huge frame advantage even after you hit high up the character.
Palm strike follow up stays active throughout the duration of the flip.
Grab follow up has a range of 3.0 horizontally (but still has height activation limitation).
No follow up automatically plays the H Hadou Meteor move.

-Raging Demon (Super/Ultra)-
Raging demon can now grab enemies during their hit recovery, including juggles.
This means raging demon can now combo from almost anything, including normals/fireball/tatsumaki/shoryuken/anything else.
Raging demon now travels much faster and for a much longer distance, similar to but faster/longer than shin Akuma (boss Akuma)'s move.
Super now plays the ultra animation and damage. It drains the whole EX meter, and deals damage equal to the current revenge meter. Executing the super doesn't drain your revenge meter.
At 0 revenge, the super deals 200 damage. At max revenge, the super deals 600 damage.

The costumes weren't done by me. The music is from touhou.

Choose 1:
SKR1 - This file fixes all the faces. There is no warped face during the intro/outro or cutscenes. BUT the character is mostly stonefaced during gameplay, with only slight lip movements.

SKR2 - This file leaves the faces warped in the intro/outro, but the character is very expressive during gameplay, and has all the frowns/lip/tongue/mouth/eye/hit reaction/ other movements while fighting.

2. Extract your downloaded file.
3. Copy and paste all files in the extracted folder into CAPCOM\STREETFIGHTERIV\Battle\Chara\SKR. Overwrite when prompted.
The color scheme above is # 4.

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Re: Shin Sakura PC Mod- AE Style Akuma Moveset with New Move

Postby Stiffler2100 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:34 am

Haha, nice work, I don't play the Pc version (Frame delay on decent graphics D:) but I have to admit this mod looks like a lot of fun.

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Re: Shin Sakura PC Mod- AE Style Akuma Moveset with New Move

Postby Nayte » Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:01 am

Congratz, this is a great demo of what is possible to mod in this game ! I think you can't wait to add the evil ryu/oni's flame around the shin sakura's skin ? :)

I have a question about modding : is it possible to mod the trials ? Make his own ones ?

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Re: Shin Sakura PC Mod- AE Style Akuma Moveset with New Move

Postby Thai Senpai » Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:32 am

- If she was super balanced.. I'd so make everyone have her so I can use her.
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