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Sergio Reyes ledesma the conversation of Daniel Pesina on Facebook

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:17 pm
by sergio reyes ledesma
Daniel Pesina
February 14, 2019 19:12
Hi, I'm Sergio Reyes, Ledesma, you give me an interview, you look at My blog Street Fighter Fan of advanced players streetfighteradvancedplayerfanblog.blogs... see my blog
This conversation will come out in my blog fan of advanced street fighter player Copy and paste.
Hi, I'm Sergio Reyes, Ledesma, you give me an interview, you look at my street fan blog of the advanced player streetfighteradvancedplayerfanblog.blogs... Look at my blog This conversation will appear in my blog Street fan of the advanced fan Fan Copy and paste .

February 14, 2019 20:40
Daniel Pesina

Hi Sergio, will this be pre-recorded or live? I would really like to be interviewed on your blog.
Now they can call and see their active status and when they read the messages.

February 14, 2019 22:19
Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Yes. If it's a fight videogame blog, I interview famous players. I did interviews with celebrities like Mike Fass Street Fighter. Years later, James Chen Street Fighter.

15 FEB 2019 08:23
Daniel Pesina

Ok, what day is the best time? Will this be through Skype? I speak Spanish.

FEB 16 2019 01:38
Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Very well. I use the google, english and spanish translator. We start How did you start practicing martial arts? Practices Kung Fu Karate Other Martial Arts How did you start participating in the first mortal game Kombat 1 of the 90s and they gave you the role of Johnny Cage? The first mortal kombat is a success.

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

19 FEB 2019 02:46
Hello hello daniel responds

19 FEB 2019 07:30
Daniel Pesina

Good Morning! I have had a higher volume of messages. I will go to Goggle Chrome to answer questions. I use Apple and sometimes it doesn't work so well.

19 FEB 2019 22:36

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Ok i ask you
solve the problem ok i ask you

13 MAR 2019 03:47

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

It is a real trick. The interview has no arguments for good use. Goodbye, look at this.
It is a real trick. The interview has no arguments for good use.

JUL 15 2019 17:30

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Daniel Pesina can you explain to me how it was in Chile Expo in Chile, explain my message to the people of Chile

Jul 15, 2019 7:27 PM

Daniel Pesina

It was a wonderful event. Many friends took the time of their busy day to come to visit me. I'm really honored
Thank you for your respect Daniel Pesina.
WED, 01: 1
Sergio Reyes Ledesma
Daniel Pesina I ask you send a message to the forum users, tell me your opinion of the movements of the attacks of the first mortal kombat 1 and the lists of movements of the game tell me an opinion.

WED, 18:22

Daniel Pesina

I will go to the group site

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Thank you for your response Daniel Pesina.