Symptoms of heart disease: Dr. Subhadhu Mohanty

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Symptoms of heart disease: Dr. Subhadhu Mohanty

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Nowadays, most people are suffering from heart disease, which is a very important part of our body. Heart disease is mostly due to the increase of cholesterol in the body. Because of this, people can also get a heart attack. Even before the heart attack, many symptoms associated with it appear. But sudden heart attack can prove to be life-threatening for people.


About 75 percent of the world's people are suffering from some type of cardiovascular disease. Symptoms of cardiovascular disease begin to appear only 1 month ago. If you also get noticed, these symptoms can be cautious as you can be victims of heart attacks. Therefore, keep in mind the symptoms of heart disease described below.

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Symptoms of Heart Disease 


respiratory distress

It has been learned from a study that people who have a problem of cardiovascular disease have to face the problem of breathing problems. If you are having any problems related to breathing then do not ignore it, and check it immediately.



Pain in the upper part of the body

Pain in the neck, back, tooth, jaw and shoulder bones are also common symptoms of a heart attack. Do not ignore these symptoms. This pain is also called "radiating" pain.

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Giggle, vomiting and stomach disorders

When there is a problem of cardiovascular disease, then symptoms such as chills, vomiting or dyspepsia appear more in men than women. This happens, because the right arterial heart which gives blood to the heart, which goes deep into the heart, it gets blocked.

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