Problems with more Mobile usage

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Problems with more Mobile usage

Postby wtsspencer » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:16 am

Mobile can increase mental stress in children.

Influence on brain

Due to excessive use of mobile, their brains may be weak. Because of this, child may have problems like Alzheimer's. The child who uses mobile too has problems sleeping.

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Eye damage 

The screen of mobile, computer and laptop continuously releases the rays of soft radiation, which has a very bad effect on the eyes. Problems of pain in the eyes also cause problems, and there may be problems with headaches as well. Radiation coming out of the mobile also increases the likelihood of a person having a distant vision.

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Health effects 

Children can not take part in outdoor games when they are addicted to mobile and do not go out in the park or make mischief with children, which is very important for the physical development of children, and because of their body Development cannot be done well.

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Keep these things in mind

[list=]Children constantly refuse to use mobile.
While using the mobile, wear child anti-glare glasses.
Do not play more games in mobile.
Children are sitting with them while using mobile.
The use of more mobile can have an impact on the eyes. Eyelashes can be weak, may suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome.

Children do not play outdoor games, they do not have physical development and the problem of obesity increases.
Checking the mobile after sleeping in the night and after raising in the morning is a disease, it is called smartphone blindness.
Do not keep the phone near the heart or keep it in the pocket for a long time.
Do not leave the smartphone under pillows at all. Can be a victim of insomnia.
Catching the phone for a long time may cause pain in the cervix.

Using mobile phones by bending too much neck can lead to problems related to the spine in the neck.
Much of the use of mobile may cause mental stress in children.[/list]

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If your children spend hours on mobile, it means they have got addicted to mobile. And due to which the mental stress in the children is increasing. With this problem, keep children away from mobile, do not allow them to use more mobile. If there is more trouble in the child about stress, consult a doctor.

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