interviewing james chen comment of fights tournaments on street fighter advanced p

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interviewing james chen comment of fights tournaments on street fighter advanced p

Postby sergio reyes ledesma » Sat Feb 16, 2019 2:36 am

interviewing james chen comment of fights tournaments on street fighter advanced player fan

 It's a great honor to interview james chen commentator tournament reporter fight games I participate in evo capcom pro tour among other events in Street Fighter Adveced player fAN How a Street Fighter player became one of the most recognized voices in the commentary of FGC Emotions ran high in the moments of decadence of the great finals in Evo 2015. Bruce "AverMedia GamerBee" Hsiang had just lost one of the most memorable games in the history of Evo and Street Fighter to Yusuke Momochi, the evil Geniuses. James Chen had to play a role in that historic moment, and it made him rain to see another player eliminated in such a heartbreaking way. He was crying after the conclusion of the broadcast, and that is one of the reasons why Chen is special to the fighting game community. He is a man who has been passionate about the scene he has loved since the days of blowing up rooms in Street Fighter 2 cabinets in the local arcades.

James Chen


sergio kings ledesma

James chen I'm sergio kings ledesma, you gave me permission to interview you on my fan blog for Street Fighter's advanced players, check out my blog.
(link: https://streetfighteradvancedplayerfanb ...
... This conversation will appear on my blog. Could you tell me how to be a reporter of fighting games? I wait for your answer.
Jan 22 2019 2:46 a. subway.

james chen

Hi, sir / were you looking for advice? Or did you expect to interview me? I'm not 100% clear. ^ _ ^
sergio reyes ledesma Jan 26 2019 8:45 p. subway.

sergio kings ledesma

It is this interview to copy this conversation and paste it into my fan blog of advanced Street Fighter players. You can tell me about the great moments in the tournament announcer.
Jan 27 2019 12:55 a. subway.

james chen

Of course. If you just want to ask the questions here and I can answer here, I totally agree with that!
Feb 2 2019 12:01 a. subway.
Can you tell me how you started to be a video game reporter of fightis games and tell me the great moments of the evolution of the series evo that you play fighting games?
Feb 2 2019 1:13 p. subway.
Well, I started being a commentator very naturally. I have always been well known for writing frequently asked questions and making tutorial videos and just for being able to create educational content in a way that is very easy for beginners to understand. There was a weekly meeting in someone's garage every Wednesday night to play SFIV that Alex Valle started to go to and he started teaching the players to be stronger and to establish a very rigid training regime for the players. I started going to participate too. Then one of the people here, AJ Papa, decided to start the broadcast and Valle wanted a commentator. He said that I was always good at explaining things, so he told me to jump. I did it and I liked it and I never looked back. I have always liked trying to help bring Fighting Game to the masses and this was just the next step in that process, OMI.

Sergio reyes ledesma8 Feb 2019 4:25 p. subway.
james chen thank you for your interview on twitter

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