E3 2018 Review thread

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E3 2018 Review thread

Postby Zombiebrian » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:39 pm

Microsoft xbone

Good **** well done announcing all them games they did it right. However i do have a few reservations about what they showed, Other than Halo which is barley in development, gears and forza what was their that will make you buy an xbone this year or next? Given all of them games already have versions on the xbone as well I find it hard to think anyone outside the fans of them series is really happy with what they have seen this year.

they talked alot about exclusives but most of them were launch exclusives meaning they might have them for a bit before ps4 but really there was no hook that made me really want a xbone. Hell they even mentioned a new system they are working on and devs they have bought meaning the future might look brighter for the xbtwo than it does for this gen.

Grade B


Sony Playstation 4

Really weird poor to watch presentation strange intermission and a lot of musical whimsical cut scenes that made no **** sense. I will admit the games they showed i wrote down on a list to buy really made me think this presentation was better than it was when you compare it to the list of games we really already knew about does anything really stick out to you? Like their was almost nothing new never before seen. Sure i have a list of good games i want but apart from resident evil 2 and maybe Nioh 2 im hard pressed to think of anything that will wow us

Grade B-



OMG why Nintendo, tbf if you love smash this will be a truly great day for you but if you love more than just smash urgh this was kinda lame. Like they had a direct a month ago for new pokemon and if all they had for e3 was smash and mario party why the hell did they not just hold on to pokemon for this direct. The one two punch of pokemon and then smash would have been great. So much was missing Yoshi, Bayonetta and Metriod. Yes we got fireemblem but lets be honest it was more of an announcement of a delay of that game and although to me it looked good graphically it was subpar for a console game.

Grade C+


Welp they showed uh.... up i guess and they did a lot of apologising for star wars and rightly show. I mean anthem looks fun and i'll hold off on buying it to see if its just another cash grab. Other than that i guess BFV battle royal... not fussed it was a bit dull not much to see here.

Grade C-
Square Enix

Why did they spoil their own show by showing everything before their show? Why did they have a show?

Grade D


Fallout online is the latest game to decide to ditch the whole concept of the game for a online version. A few interesting sequels Doom and wolfensein not really my bag and the first mention of next gen games.

Grade B
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