Buff/Nerf Discussion - Round 1

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Buff/Nerf Discussion - Round 1

Postby Incrediburch » Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:21 am

MVCI meta seems to be settling very quick. There may be 3 more characters yet to arrive, but some high-level picks are already out there. Let’s start the discussion on how balancing should be handled for the first round of revisions.

This is meant to be a civil discussion. The point is to make the game more balanced for competitive diversity. We’re not here to play favorites with characters. Personally, buffs are preferred over nerfs, but some nerfs may be necessary, and suggestions for removing moves are a last resort in terms of exploits.

To start, I think Dante and Dormmamu need to be addressed. They are clearly two of the strongest picks for any team.

With Dante, I’d like to suggest 2 adjustments.
1. Reduce “Million Dollars” HC total hits by half. This is to reduce frustration fighting him, as well as tighten the window for tag comboing. The length of active time for the HC allows too much room for setups. It also slows down the pace of fights with its length.

2. Overall damage reduction or an increase in damage scaling. Dante alone has extremely long combo strings and a with his sword and various weapons, a wide attack range. He most likely locking down opponents on his own for a long period of time. Rather than try to break any of his combo options, lower damage output would be a decent compromise.

Now for Dormmamu.
1. Reduce the active time of “Rose Garden” by half. Shortening the active will improve the pace of fights and make the player have less time for setups.

2. Overall damage reduction. Similar reasons to Dante, Dormmamu shouldn’t have to lose moves or combo potential, so lowering damage output is a decent compromise.

That’s it to start. I’m not too familiar with characters that I’m aware need buffs. My experience online tells me that’s jus a few stand out characters right now, rather than a bunch of weak ones.

Looking forward to your suggestions and critiques.

Anna R Mayo
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Re: Buff/Nerf Discussion - Round 1

Postby Anna R Mayo » Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:26 am

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