Should we really be blaming Capcom for the lack of X-Men?

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Should we really be blaming Capcom for the lack of X-Men?

Postby ninetalescommander » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:07 am

I was going to avoid this topic because I felt like there was already way more than enough people covering this but you know what? Fine, I think I should bring in my two-cents on this rather big issue. Of course, I am talking about the lack of X-Men in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
Now before I go into this, I just want to say that while I wasn't very much into the X-Men as a cartoon, I cannot deny I love their designs and their personalities, especially with Magneto and Wolverine so please don't think I am saying this because I hate the X-Men, believe me I am also gutted that they are currently not in the game.

This brings me to the main part of this post; Is Capcom really the ones at fault here? You got to keep in mind that in the world of Copyrights, a lot of times things go the way we don't want them because the owners of said Copyrights just refuse to give it the green light. And yes, before anyone points it out, I know Fox only owns the movie rights to the X-Men and not the video game rights so if Marvel allows is; The X-Men can definitely make an appearance in this game.

But...what if we look at it from Marvel's Perspective? If I was in Marvel's Shoes, I would probably see Marvel vs Capcom Infinite as a good way not only to make money but also as a good way of advertisement. Is this typical? Well yeah but you gotta remember, these companies are in it to make a profit and if Marvel is going to look at the X-Men, they could think to themselves; "Well, we can't use these characters in our movies or TV shows so the best we could get from them is a profit from this game? No, we better use the time and money on characters that we can promote as in the long run, that could be more financially beneficial to us".

Is this selfish? Sadly yes but at the same time, by directing our anger at Capcom for this, we're also being selfish because we're targeting Capcom for something that they have no way to fix. I think we can all agree that if Marvel was allowing the X-Men to be put in this game, they would do it in a heartbeat because they know how much people love these characters and how much money Capcom could make from them. Say what you want about Capcom but you have to admit 1 thing they are good at is using our love as chains to pulling money out of us.

As far as Capcom IP's go; Yes I solely agree that Capcom should be doing better. I'm still bummed out about the lack of Amaterasu, Captain Commando, and Wesker but the X-Men? That may not be Capcom's fault, it could be Marvel that's the real problem behind that.

Anyway guys, as always leave a reply if you want to share your thoughts on this and I'll talk to you guys soon, later!

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Re: Should we really be blaming Capcom for the lack of X-Men?

Postby Zombiebrian » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:38 am

100% agree with the post its marvels fault not capcoms.

The roster isnt great and if im being really honest i wonder why they havent opted to do a crossover with someone else and give marvel a rest. Ill be buying it and giving it a go im just looking at the price and i wonder if it should be a full price game and even if it should have dlc announced when the roster is lacking so much.
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