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Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur 6 SUPER ATTACKS

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:57 am
by DarkWrestler
I absolutely F*cking HATE SoulCalibur 6's Critial art and Tekken 7 Rage art

Tekken was the the game that got me into 3D fighters. Their elaborate moves and intricate maneuvers of the characters get my dick hard. Back in 2009 when Tekken 6 reach consoles, I watched tons of videos of hi-level fights on Youtube, not just Tekken but Dead or Alive, Virtura Fighter, SoulCalibur. These games had a certain appeal that 2D didn't have to me.

But I feel that 3D gameplay is watered down when you have these damn EZbuttons. I remember SoCal5 having but I barely played that. But experiencing it on Tekken quickly got dull. Most of them are not that appealing: You knock them in the air *WOW* them hit them on the way down....*AWESOME*

I understand its a double edged sword, once blocked you can punish severely, T7 is easier to deal with but SoulCalibur 6 is unforgiving. I can't be to aggressive to a losing opponent. What!? Seem like Mitsurugi is going to wake up to a crouching guard to block incoming lows, I better hit 'em with a vertical. NOPE Critical Edge! HIGH DAMAGE! How masterful

P.S It feels good to rant, all my friends play FPS so I don't have anyone to rant to that will understand or care