I'll just wait for.. Super, ultra, ultimate, definitive Edition

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I'll just wait for.. Super, ultra, ultimate, definitive Edition

Postby Zombiebrian » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:23 pm

I hear this get dragged out a lot when it comes to new fighting games, usually capcom games. Lets be honestly its pie in the sky.

Either you think more people have wisely waited and are now on top of usf4 right now than ever or this idea that you can wait for the dlc to stop and a final edition to appear before you pick up a fighter or you are really misguided.

Other than mk9 I cant think of definitive edition that actually existed as a guaranteed last version of the game. Even then that came out a few months before injustice meaning in all mother loving reality it was doa. The netcode wasnt good when millions were playing it and it was barren by it last year. NRS tried it with IJ:GAU but that was the last time as sales were so poor.

MKXL had its own dlc so no definitive edition existed for that or any game since really. DLC is unfortunately always with us now and even jumping on a game later might mean you wont get the dlc without paying for it.

Lets be honest though people who say "ill just wait for x edition to come out" are full of **** anyways. usually they are gonna pick it up within a month of launch if its a good game. Its their way of sticking it to the man i suppose.
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