**** Link (Smash4)

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**** Link (Smash4)

Postby katuro » Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:08 am

This guy I know. His name is Link, and when the hell did this guy get the special treatment. He's got the fastest -everything- in the game. Don't agree? Watch as you try to pick this little **** and you realize how few of his attacks are difficult to punish compared to everyone else. OH like TWO of his moves are easy to punish. You don't have to do -anything- to be good with this guy. You can tell they made him to be this sort of 'everyman' character because it's Link and he's popular, fine, but then why the hell do I feel like I can just about about kick back and play with one hand while 'everyman' Mario, and 'everyman' Marth have to try way harder to win this fight and aren't as solid as Link is.

Fastest tether grab, in the game. <--- Seriously the hell is that ****?

Don't get close to him or he'll jab.
Don't stay away from him or he'll spam projectiles.
Don't get above him because Link will up smash with that faggy safe three hitter that's like a bubble and does too much damage.
Don't get behind him or he'll spin attack you.
Wanna get mad and get even? Well it better just be Link because other turtles will just get their **** **** by that blast shield that protects his -face- even though he's just looking at you over it, with that **** eating grin.

Okay now to be for real, friend just plays a Link that spams projectiles and does keep away rolling, and using his three safety moves Jab, Up Smash, and Up B. These basic tactics on top of well, someone thought Link needed to be buffed a lot including being faster and having a longer and faster tether grab. Makes other tether users feel neglected, makes Link feel special.

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Re: **** Link (Smash4)

Postby Sulfur » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:02 pm

Isn't link one of the worst characters in the game...?

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