Yeah sure I'll fight someone in the top ten of rankings

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Yeah sure I'll fight someone in the top ten of rankings

Postby Lavama » Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:37 pm

Not like I already suck and am having to learn how to use a 360 controller if I want to use throws. God damn it.

I like to think I'm sub par, but not in the absolute **** level of skill. Unsure if that's true, but it's a bit easier to take losses that way. With my arcade stick not being a straight up PS3 stick, can't use that at the time being, so it's looking like keyboard, no problem except I can't rebind ASD from movement to my punches, so I have to move down the keyboard in a very tight and odd position for me. Then I find out I can't do directional throws, I have to be standing still if I want to throw. That bites, I've not had the issue before in any game. Can't rebind it because only certain buttons (?) exist in the button config menu, so I am having to switch mid fight. Woo.

Or it could probably be broke. :l
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