#AcidRants: Gaming makes you @$$

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#AcidRants: Gaming makes you @$$

Postby Acid 97 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:10 am

Good this rant thingy exists, though it perhaps supplants my #AcidRants topic.
Ah well, I got a bad day to share with you folks.

So let's be simple here, yesterday, my big bro invited me to play some games with him on a MOBA. This was kinda okay, even though I'm the worst of me and my brothers, it was kinda going all fine.
Today was not so well, since he surfed on a wave and invited another "friend" of his. He spent so much time verbally sucking the dude's d*ck and blaming me for their failures and their choosing a game mode they were not ready to play, that basically even my brother bashed me, calling me "that guy" or something, just for being worse at the game, presumably even in an attempt to appeal to that other arrogant but kinda mild guy.
I ragequitted. I'm not a f*cking toy. Refused to help him further and I'm writing this while the rage is still hot. Seriously I felt like beating the **** out of my brother and making him eat it... Outside the game he's okayish, if clingy as **** sometimes. But seriously, I'm not seeing him in the next week. I don't care about ****.

I don't know if it's the game or whatever. A bastard is a bastard, even if it's my brother, so f*ck him, and f*ck all douchebags who pick on people just because they're weaker than them. Winning against someone, or losing less than someone, gives you no rights to treat them like things.
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Re: #AcidRants: Gaming makes you @$$

Postby Zombiebrian » Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:59 pm

Its always a night mare when this **** happens, i was once at a club in a holiday camp with a a bunch of friends my very best friend was at the bar all night chatting up these girls. (nothing wrong there except the girl later turned out to be 15) anyways i happen to go to the bar to order my drink he turns and says to the girl so i hear it "thats him the one who got in the fight the other night with the germans" which was true enough I had got into a little scuffle the night before so i laughed it off and explained what happened. My friend went on to talk about all the embarrassing things i had done thus far on the lads holiday the girls i had pulled etc... I begin to relise he is trying to mock me in front of them, as i grab my change from the barman i turn to the guy and say "never-mind xxxx maybe next year you'll do something interesting and you can talk about yourself for a change."

I walked away like a boss and the two girls descended into giggling, i later snogged the 15 year old... good holiday that one be surprised what a scots accent can do for you.
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