Guilty Gear Xrd in a shellnut

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Guilty Gear Xrd in a shellnut

Postby Acid 97 » Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:29 pm

GG Xrd, full title Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, is the latest entry in the Guilty Gear series.
Gameplay-wise, it is inspired by Guilty Gear XX #Reload, which was out in 2003.
While this is, in a way, a huge step 10 years back, this is like Slayer's Dandy Step (lol injoke) in that it also takes a step forward.

In fact, it expands on a few of Guilty Gear XX's systems like XX did with X. Don't mourn the loss of your Force Breaks just yet, Accent Core fans.

NEW!: You can cancel a Dust into a homing dash instead of a homing jump by pressing :joystick-right: instead of :joystick-up: . This helps you confirm dusts into ground combos and pushes the opponent more towards the corner.

The Roman Cancel (RC) system got expanded and is no longer limited to RC and FRC. It still has the same execution (three attack buttons that are not the Dust button), but the effects and technicalities are a bit different. Now upon performing a RC you get a slowdown effect, but RCs can have startup, a far more visible animation, and have a slowdown effect.
NEW!: You can get an RC almost anytime, but you get a different variant depending on your state.
- If the opponent is not in blockstun or hitstun and you're in the startup of an attack (or doing an attack that doesn't hit, like Sol's Gun Flame Feint), you get a YRC. Some attacks can not be YRC'd, particularly dragon punches. It has 6 frames of startup and slows time down for 18 frames. It costs 25% meter, which makes it an equivalent to an FRC from the GGXX series, but with much more lenience and 6 frames of startup.
- If the opponent is in blockstun or hitstun, you get a red RC, which is basically the original RC from GGX. It keeps the one frame startup, but now has 60 frames of slowdown. Which is an incredibly welcome buff since it still costs 50% meter.
- If the opponent isn't in blockstun or hitstun and your move is actually in its active frames or in recovery. It's basically the save-my-hide button, but it costs 50% meter like the red RC and has 15 frames of startup! Its slowdown is 40 frames, so you can still try to use it but you essentially lose out in comparison to the other two, even though the advantage you get after this period is non-negligible, making this a bit of a big low-reward gambit.
- Some attacks, such as DPs, cannot be YRC'd or PRC'd. This makes whiffing them a sure punish since even the PRC won't save you from a punish.

NEW!: Some clashes trigger Danger Time, which causes a ten-second period during which the timer is frozen and any hit that connects during this period gets a Mortal Counter effect, which has some effects added. A Mortal Counter deals 20% extra damage (normal counterhits don't deal extra damage in GG, only extra hitstun), triggers a long slowdown (until the end of Danger Time), and the attack that dealt a Mortal Counter can be canceled into anything that a clash could be cancelled into. Any attack, a forward dash, a jump (if your attack is jump-cancellable), Faultless Defense, any of these goes. Before you ask, yes, clashing with a special allows reverse-chaining into a simple normal.

NEW!: An interesting asset of this game is the Blitz Shield. It more or less replaces the Slashback from Accent Core. It's executed by pressing the Heavy Slash button and any other button that isn't the Dust button (otherwise you will get a burst, explanation laster). It makes your character take a stance with a blue shield in front of him/her, which blocks attacks and makes you invincible plus it stuns the opponent for a free combo. However, there are some things to consider.
- You need 25% tension to use it. You get half the cost back if you succeed. IF you succeed.
- Blitz Shield doesn't deflect throws. Also, it behaves like standard guard in that low attacks beat standing Blitz Shield, and overheads beat crouching Blitz Shield. Supers bypass Blitz Shield altogether, so don't get cocky against an opponet with meter.
- If you Shield a projectile, you don't stun the opponent, making the benefits much milder since you don't get to punish the opponent.
- :!: Don't hold back to perform the Blitz Shield. It needs to be done with a neutral directional input, or straight down. Diagonals will NOT work.
- Also, do yourself a favor, do NOT attempt to throw an opponent you repelled with Blitz Shield. Throws whiff on any opponent in hitstun, and yes, Blitz Shield puts the opponent in hitstun.

Faultless Defense is back. Hold back with two attack buttons ( :punch: :plus: :kick: for example) to repel the opponent further. While using Faultless Defense, you get one extra frame of blockstun, but the opponent is pushed away from you. Also, air Faultless Defense can block most air-unblockables.
While this gets you some space, you won't punish anything with that. Also, Faultless Defense drains tension as you hold it, and after using it, you gain 80% less tension for one second. Don't overuse it otherwise you will never get much meter!
Instant Block is back too. If you press back in a short span (8 frames?) before you block an attack, you get an Instant Block. This causes blockstun to be a little shorter. Contrarily to Faultless Defense, pushback is reduced. You gain tension faster after Instant-blocking an attack; in fact, Instant Blocking even increases your Tension Pulse Threshold (aka your maximum meter gain speed).

During blockstun, if you have 50% tension, you have access to Dead Angle Attacks by pressing forward + 2 attack buttons (don't use the Heavy Slash or Dust buttons, you could). It is a Guard Cancel that is invulnerable during startup. Warning: it costs 50% tension and some Dead Angle Attacks are slow and punishable. Plus, after a Dead Angle attack, your tension gain is reduced by 80% for a full 4 seconds.
It's more of a last resort before getting hit than anything you can spam.

When you're hit, you have one expensive but important tool: the Psych Burst, simply known as the Burst. It is performed by pressing the Dust button along with another button. During a burst, the character rises and emits a shockwave, then descends to land, with a 3 frame recovery. You have two variations of it. However, the Burst is limited by its own gauge that grows very slowly over time and when taking damage.
- If you're in blockstun or in hit stun, you get a Blue Burst. This is what the Burst is primarily known for: getting out of an enemy combo. However, a Blue Burst is only invincible during startup, and you're never invincible to air throws. You can perform a Blue Burst in an OTG state, and if you are hit out of its recovery, you will be treated as in an OTG state even mid-air, which almost nullifies punishes. However, being OTG means you have eaten a full combo, so it isn't recommendable.
- At neutral, you get a Gold Burst. Despite being much less known, it is much more powerful. It is invincible to all but air throws during the whole animation, and if you hit, your tension gauge is instantly filled.
WARNING! Getting hit by supers or getting stunned disables Bursts. You also cannot Burst out of non-standard hitstuns. (Axl's Rashousen, Potemkin's Heavenly Potemkin Buster [which, for hit detection purposes, does not count as a throw, do not attempt to catch Bursts with it], etc...)

An important thing (Xrd buff that I actually like) is the Instant Kill mode.
Press all four face buttons (Punch + Kick + Slash + Heavy Slash) to enter Instant Kill mode. This replaces your tension gauge by an Instant Kill Gauge that is immediately filled with your Tension. If that Instant Kill Gauge is emptied, your life drains instead. Though you can't kill yourself with it, it is still undesirable even though you can execute your Instant Kill in this condition. Instant Kill mode is reversible by pressing the four face buttons again, reverting your Instant Kill gauge back into an EMPTY tension bar.
All Instant Kills have the same command: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-right: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-right: :attack-hard: . They open into a cinematic that instantly kills the opponent. Nuff said.
NEW!: When you enter Instant Kill mode on a match point with over 50% tension and your opponent has under 20% life, the Instant Kill mode engage has a slow-down effect. Also, both the Instant Kill mode activation and the attack are sped up. Despite all of that, combos including Instant Kill are rare and impractical, though they can be a better end to heavily-scaled combos.
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