Akuma wierd Imput

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Akuma wierd Imput

Postby Aurellius » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:37 am

I have a liitle problem and i dont knowwhy it keeps happening. I try to do perform the basic akuma combo : cr.mp + St,mk + LK Tastu + HK Tatsu.
The thing is i keep hving without any reasin a MK Tatsu instead of the LK. When i checked it in the training mod, i´m inputing lk kick and game registered it as lk. I´m havin this problem almos 70% of the time and i´m sure the imput is the correct one. is it buffering or somenthing like that? is not relly a 1frame combo when it could buffer.
Idont any idea ? or any advice?
Thank a lot.
By the way is there any Akuma main yho youldnt mind teaching and helping a scrub like me? thx a lot

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