Are we doing the tiers right in SFV?

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Are we doing the tiers right in SFV?

Postby NightRiderRonin » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:57 pm

I know that tiers are always a contentious issue, I won't go into the why's or hows here. I will point out something that seems illogical to me given how we have the tiers set up, and how SFV is now set up.

Specifically, we vote on character vs character matches, and who we think would win, if both used at their maximum potential, regardless of their V Trigger. This just seems wrong to me. I see the logic behind it: games have existed for years where you had alternate supers available, and we don't have separate character entries for each character super version. However, I believe that V Trigger endures long enough, and alters a character's play style enough, that it can be argued that each character V Trigger creates enough of a different character to be considered as unique in a tier list. There are numerous examples of characters who have one V Trigger that let them no sell projectiles, jump ins, throw attempts, and another one that does none of this. We all know of matchups that get decided based on who gets to V Trigger first. Can we say that a given matchup stays the same, regardless of what V Trigger the opponent is using? I feel like Birdie with VT1 and Birdie with VT2 are two different characters, and you use their VTs in two different ways. If one good thing about Birdie's VT1 is that it negates projectiles and gives you faster walk, why don't we take into account that when Birdie has VT2, he loses access to everything he had in VT1, and this completely changes the game he plays against a projectile character in VT?

I will not die if we don't split up the tier list, but I think it's something that should be looked into: after all, we do acknowledge differences in ISMs in SFA3, and grooves in CVS2, even when those modes belong to the same named characters.

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