hopes or ideas for future DLC characters

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hopes or ideas for future DLC characters

Postby UncleBibby » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:41 pm


So, who do you want as a future character in MKX? I want Nightwolf. Here's some Nightwolf ideas i figured out in the irc chat:
<UncleBibby>: nightwolf should be like Thunder and T.Hawk... a native american grappler
<UncleBibby>: but he should still have his axes and stuff
<UncleBibby>: he could have a zoning variant, a grappler variant and a spirit-power variant
<UncleBibby>: his core special moves could be the chest bump, the throwing axes, the overhead axe and the thunder summon
<UncleBibby>: in zoning he could gain bow and arrow special moves
<UncleBibby>: in the grappling variant he could gain a hitgrab and a command grab
<UncleBibby>: and in the spirit power variant he could do weird illusion stuff like clones or counter stances
<UncleBibby>: his first brutality could be he cuts off the opponents arms and legs, holds them up in the sky and they get struck by lightning, melting into a charred mess in his hands, which collapses to dust that he rubs in lines on his face like facepaint?
<UncleBibby>: his second brutality could be he takes a spirit axe in each hand and slices them both into the sides of the opponent's chest till they touch in the middle, then he does the same to the sides of their head, then kicks them forward and their chest and head fall apart into several slices in sort of a zigzag arrangement.

I know this is a far cry from how i thought i'd be interacting with the game initially but i sorta like Nightwolf cuz he was in the last Mortal Kombat and he was fun in that.

Who do you want back from the old games? Or maybe you have an idea for a brand new character? Or maybe you just wanna comment on what you think NRS is most likely to do?

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