Bit of a 50/50 problem

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Bit of a 50/50 problem

Postby Zombiebrian » Mon May 25, 2015 9:59 pm

Tbh as soon as i saw mkx at fatal 8 i was hype but there was a niggling nagging though i couldnt shake. The game seemed to be hugely dominated by 50-50s with zoning and pokes and such being not much use.

As much as last night tourney was hype to watch and no doubt the Alucard guy using Kotal was certainly not reliant on said 5050 the tourney as a whole was basically get the knockdown then run50/50 safe-ish strings most matches lasting about 20-30 secs at most.

Now im not a big for of comparing games and, idk trying to turn mkx into sf4 but id argue things aren't right
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Re: Bit of a 50/50 problem

Postby SKILL » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:28 am

Marvel was 50/50!
MKX is doing things right. This type of gameplay although i wouldn't want it for SFV, works
perfectly for MKX's nature.
It brings the HYPE! And after the last patch (Raiden's damage got nerfed...sad panda here)
the online is FLAWLESS!!!
GOD TIER...";(

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