Concluded: XUpYourGameX Final SSF4 Prized Tournament Feb. 12

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Concluded: XUpYourGameX Final SSF4 Prized Tournament Feb. 12

Postby Nemesys_S » Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:52 pm

UYG is holding the final SSFIV tournament on livestream on Saturday Night, February 12th, 2011 @ 7pm EST as pretty much everyone moves on to Marvel Vs Capcom 3. We're going to try to make this tournament as big as it gets by having a surprise for the top place winner. We've been notorious for doing prized tournaments before by giving away pre released games, sticks and other items with no entry fees. We're going to do it one last time online as the final days wind down into the latest crossover series.

The tournament will be streamed live on XUpYourGameX on

The rules will be as listed below:

NorthEast Coast Players Only! (This includes players from the following regions: NY, NJ, PA, Mass, MD, VA, OH, etc). Basically any state in the Northeast from Ohio and up.

PSN Only
Begins Saturday, February 12th @ 7pm EST
Single Elimination Format
First to 3 Wins
Best 2 out of 3 Rounds
Default Timer
Character Switch on Loss Only
Ultra Switch on Loss Only

Depending on the total number of players entered, we might break into a two day event. With the finals being done on Sunday Night.

You can also watch the livestreamed event here

Registrations are held here:

If you run into any problems/issues/comments as far as registering, send a pm or get in touch with me during UYG's regular streamed nightly events.

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