It Was Tuesday - Sunday Abare Mass - Online Tournament Series

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It Was Tuesday - Sunday Abare Mass - Online Tournament Series

Postby sosage » Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:10 pm


It Was Tuesday presents Abare Mass. An online tournament series going down Sundays at 7PM.

The concept sounds complicated, but it is actually pretty straight forward. It Was Tuesday chooses a character, then the following Sunday we run a character lock, mirror match, tournament.

For example, if It Was Tuesday randomly selects Zangief, then at the next Abare Mass all players must play every game, of every match, as a Zangief mirror.

Character choice is announced and sign up page is opened around a week before the event, allowing players time to learn and practice up the event's character.

No entry fee required. No prizes, as of now. There will be Ranking Points, however, and those Ranking Points will coincide with It Was Tuesday's offline RanBat series. 32-player cap. If we get 8 or more players, we run Double Elimination. If less than 8, Round Robin. All Abare Mass's take place on a Sunday, around 7:00PM PST.

Open to California players only for now.

How are you choosing a character?

It Was Tuesday's policy for choosing a character for an Abare Mass is two-fold. Normally, It Was Tuesday will use the Random Select in-game to help choose the next Abare Mass character. If Capcom happens to release a new character before the Wednesday night of the next Abare Mass, then the newly released character will replace the Random Selected character.

This "character-lock mirror match" thing sounds weird. Why do something like this?

Well, for one: it's different and fun. So relax.

But, it can potentially be helpful as well. What do the majority of players do when they hit a bad match up? They run to the Internet and try to look up other people's tech. Then, maybe, spend a few minutes in Training Mode banging around the character like it's a punching bag.

At least this concept gives everyone an excuse to explore the character selection in the game a little bit more, and actually use the character in an environment where their strengths and weaknesses can be felt.

Also, if we happen to choose your main, then shieeeet ... I guess it's your week to shine. Right? Who is the best (fill in character name) in Cali? Let's see.

Why California only?

It's just to feel things out connection wise.

What about (fill in blank here)

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Re: It Was Tuesday - Sunday Abare Mass - Online Tournament Series

Postby sosage » Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:30 pm

Sign ups for the first Abare Mass are open. The character this event is Akuma (big surprise!). It goes down January 8th, 7PM PST. The sign up page has all the info you'll need.

We're capped to 32 players. All of California is invited to participate.

Please sign up with your CFN-Area Code (example: Sosage-925)

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