Bryan Resource Thread

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Bryan Resource Thread

Postby Links » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:56 am

Time to start some Bryan Fury discussion!

I've been using Bryan for only a couple of weeks now, and I have been frustrated to find mostly only combo videos for this character. There's not a lot of advanced tech out there for him, and we need to change that! So, in order to help kick-start this, I thought I would at least share what I have found to work (and not work) with Mr. Fury so far.

Note: I'll be adding in damage numbers for special moves, Super Art, and chains later... This is still in progress.

Normal Moves

  • Standing (Far)
  • Standing (Close)
  • Crouching
  • Jumping
  • Chains/Strings/Unique Moves
Special Moves
Super Art and Cross Art
Game Plan
Team Roles/Partners



Bryan is a ruthless, maniacal fighter who has a craving for carnage. That said, his fighting style in SFXT is uniquely brutal. Bryan relies on his long-range normals such as his Standing Heavy Punch and Forward + Medium Kick to strike the opponent from surprisingly far away. He's not particularly quick, however, and can be zoned out by many characters, so getting to his sweet-spot range is difficult and will require patience. If this sounds like it might take some getting used to, then that's most likely because it will. However, Bryan is a blast to play and it will be worth the effort.

Normal Moves

Bryan has a mix of great, so-so, and just plain awkward normals. Mastery of them is one of the key skills to have as an effective Bryan.

Standing (Far)
  • :punch-light: This is a very useful move for Bryan. It leads into his One-Two strings and has good range. It's also among Bryan's fastest moves and is completely safe.
  • :punch-medium: This is a decent poke from mid-range. It's fairly quick and should be used for footsies. Buffering into St. :punch-hard: into launcher is a great option for longer-range punishes.
  • :punch-hard: A somewhat slow, but far-reaching, forward-moving back-fist. It's a great way to hit-confirm using his Double Back Knuckle ( :punch-hard: to :punch-light: ) string, but using this move is a privilege. It has a very slow recovery on whiff, making it easy to punish. Using this attack properly is one of the most difficult parts of learning Bryan.
  • :kick-light: This is an average Standing :kick-light: . Despite it being a standing move, it hits low. It has fast startup, but it doesn't have the range of Standing :punch-light: .
  • :kick-medium: A medium-high angled kick that is reminiscent of Ken's own St. :kick-medium: , but with better range. It is a decent counter-poke and can be used for Boost Combos. It also can be used as an anti-air, but there are better options.
  • :kick-hard: This awkward spin kick has no practical use I can think of, except that it seems to beat out low attacks often. It has an awfully long startup and recovery, making it difficult to use.

Standing (Close)
  • :punch-light: Very similar in use to his Far :punch-light: .
  • :punch-medium: An upwards-angled punch with amazingly fast startup and recovery. This is a great move for close-range pressure, as it offers frame advantage on block and can be linked into St. :punch-light: on hit. This is quite a useful move.
  • :punch-hard: For juggle combos and punishes, this move is a must. It's just as quick on startup as his Close :punch-medium: and does the raw 90 damage you need from a Heavy. It doesn't have as much range as some Close moves, however, so you may find it easier to just use Crouching :punch-hard: or One-Two-Body Blow.
  • :kick-light: Not much to say about this move, it's not especially useful. Similar to St. :kick-light: .
  • :kick-medium: A quick knee to the chest. This is a good move on its own, and it's possible to link or cancel from it, but I find Close :punch-medium: to be easier to use.
  • :kick-hard: A high roundhouse kick with a lot of stun. Not really useful, but it is possible to combo from it after a tag.

  • :punch-light: A very quick low :punch-light: that is cancelable, and it's Bryan's fastest crouching move. It's a key component of his BnB combos, but on its own, it sees him little utility.
  • :punch-medium: A poke with good range, but slow startup. It's cancelable, and this is its redeeming trait. It can be used as a buffered poke, but the speed limits that in some matchups. It is useful in combos involving his J. :punch-hard: ground bounce.
  • :punch-hard: A very good anti-air. It hits cross-up attempts and deep jump-in attacks. If you land this as a counter hit, cancel into Flying Knee, and dash cancel, you can do some decently damaging combos beginning from this move. Definitely a move to know for Bryan.
  • :kick-light: This is quite a lackluster low kick. It has slower startup than most other Cr. :kick-light: attacks in the game and short range. It can be used to land a low hit at close range, but use it sparingly.
  • :kick-medium: Like Cr. :kick-light: , this move is very awkward and not particularly good for anything due to the way Bryan moves slightly backwards using this move. It has decent range and can be used in combos as it is cancelable, but I avoid this move due to its slow speed.
  • :kick-hard: Amazingly, this low kick is really useful! It causes a hard knockdown, which is always good for Bryan to apply his meaty pressure. It also has solid range, way more than his other crouching moves, and it even has a fairly quick startup. This makes a great counter-poke, and you'll find many opponents get hit by this move outright because they are expecting Bryan's overhead ( :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-medium:) and because it's Bryan's only practical low attack. It should be noted that this move is unsafe on block, however, so pick your spots and times to use this move carefully.

  • :punch-light: This is your typical jumping :punch-light:, which means for Bryan it's a solid air-to-air. It's quick and reliable. The only problem is that it doesn't have much range and is not good as a jump-in.
  • :punch-medium: Another air-to-air, but with a higher angle than :punch-light:. I'd say for pre-emptive air-to-air attacks, this move can be useful. I actually use it almost as much as :punch-light:.
  • :punch-hard: After a long startup, Bryan unleashes an axe-handle strike. This will ground bounce airborne foes, making it good in Switch Cancel combos. As a standalone move though, it isn't especially reliable due to its slow speed.
  • :kick-light: This move is quick, like :punch-light:, but it has a lower angle and is best used as a jump-in tick throw, but it will be just as useful in air-to-air situations, too.
  • :kick-medium: This is Bryan's only cross-up, and frankly, it's not good. It can completely whiff if spaced incorrectly, which could be very bad. It's a decent air-to-air for some angles, however.
  • :kick-hard: On paper, this is meant to be a slow, long jump-in, but I find it beats out almost anything if used preemptively while jumping backwards. I would say that this move is great for far jump-ins and far air-to-airs, but otherwise, it's better to use other moves.

Chains/Strings/Unique Moves
  • Chopping Elbow ( :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-medium: ) [60 damage] - A slow, but forward-moving overhead. It's got a lot of hit stun, allowing you to link a St. :punch-light: after it. The timing for a follow-up is very late compared to what you may expect, so doing this combo consistently will take some practice. Using this move will encourage foes to stand, allowing you to abuse Flying Knee and Cr. :kick-hard:.
  • One Two Body Blow ( :punch-light:, :punch-medium:, :punch-light: ) [114 damage] - A quick special cancelable chain starting from Bryan's excellent St. :punch-light:. It's Bryan's most important chain when it comes to his BnB combos. There is a gap between the 2nd and 3rd hits allowing your foe to reversal, but it's a very safe string overall.
  • One Two Low Kick ( :punch-light:, :punch-medium:, :kick-light: ) [130 damage] - A variation on the One-Two that ends in a low hit. It causes a hard knockdown that is useful for continuing pressure, but the damage is low. On block, it can be punished.
  • One Two High Kick ( :punch-light:, :punch-medium:, :kick-medium: ) [162 damage] - This One-Two ends in a roundhouse kick that is safe on block and leaves the opponent standing on hit. It is not cancelable and is used for its safety.
  • Double Back Knuckle (Far :punch-hard:, :punch-light: ) [140 damage] - A long-ranged chain that may be special canceled. It's safe on block, and it's possible to link into Cl. :punch-medium:, St. :punch-light:, or Cl. :punch-hard: on hit. This is a great way to hit-confirm from Bryan's far-reaching :punch-hard: .
  • Gatling Combination ( :joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium:, :punch-medium:, :punch-light:, :kick-medium: ) - [238 damage] The first attack in this string gives Bryan a huge amount of range while moving him forwards. This string is very useful for pressuring your opponent from mid-range. It also ends in a low attack that causes a hard knockdown. In addition, the second hit is relatively safe, so if you anticipate your opponent will block, stop on the second hit.
  • Mid Kick to Rush ( :joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium:, :punch-medium:, :punch-light:, :punch-medium: ) [last hit 80 damage] - This version of the Gatling ends in a mid-hitting uppercut that doesn't combo with the rest of the string unless used in a juggle. The last hit is also quite easy to punish, so use this sparingly or in juggle combos.
  • Mid Kick to Mach Breaker ( :joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium:, :punch-medium:, :punch-light:, :joystick-right:, :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-medium: or :punch-2x: ) [252 damage] - Instead of going for a high-low mixup, you may simply want a safer option. Mach Breaker pushes the enemy back a good distance on block, making it relatively safe (watch out for Chun-Li's Super though). On hit, it causes a hard knockdown and slams the enemy across the screen, making it ideal for a raw tag setup. If you'd like, you can also cancel into the EX Mach Breaker for a wall bounce.
  • Neutral/Front Throw "Knee Blast" ( :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-light: :plus: :kick-light: ) [130 damage] - This throw launches the victim clear across the screen, but it gives Bryan enough time to follow behind it. It also can allow for relatively safe tags.
  • Back Throw "Anaconda Assassin" ( :joystick-left: :plus: :punch-light: :plus: :kick-light: ) [130 damage] - Bryan slams his captive foe down directly behind him. This is good for applying wake-up pressure to your foe.
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Re: Bryan Resource Thread

Postby Links » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:57 am

Special Moves

Snake Pit :joystick-left: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-right: :plus: :punch:

:punch-light: version: 120 Damage
:punch-medium: version: 130 Damage
:punch-hard: version: 140 Damage
:punch-2x: version: 140 Damage, Wall-bounce

Snake Pit is a two-part move consisting of a haymaker upwards hook punch followed by a turn hook punch. All versions are pretty slow on startup, with the Light version being the fastest and safest, and the Heavy the slowest and most punishable. For a standalone move, it does solid damage and causes a knockdown, making it good for easy punishes. It also puts the foe at a distance where Bryan can perform his :joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium: and :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-medium: as meaty attacks, leading into mixups or safe pressure. At this distance Bryan may also safely dash forwards.
This move is underrated as, at first glance, it appears to have no special uses. In practice you may find yourself going to Bryan's other options for the damage increase they offer, but keep this one in mind for the continued pressure it can provide.
The EX Snake Pit makes for easy, high damage combos, so use your own judgment as to whether you burn your meter on this move.

Mach Breaker :joystick-right: :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-medium:

:punch-medium: version: 120 Damage
:punch-2x: version: 120 Damage, Wall-bounce

Bryan performs a rushing straight punch in this attack. This move carries some weight when it hits, slamming the victim across the screen for an untechable knockdown. This attack makes a great way to end Switch Cancel juggles due to its high juggle potential. Also, it's virtually safe on block (except for fast Super Arts like Ryu's Shinku Hadoken, etc.) due to its huge block stun and push-back. The EX version causes a wall-bounce and a hard knockdown, allowing you to go for even more damage.

Fisherman's Slam :joystick-right: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :plus: :punch:

:punch-light: version: 120 Damage
:punch-medium: version: 100 Damage
:punch-hard: version: 100 Damage
:punch-2x: version: 50 Damage, Strike invincible

During :punch-medium: , :punch-hard: , or :punch-2x: , press :punch-2x: for Atomic Throw (deals 100 damage for EX version, 50 otherwise).

Fisherman's Slam is designed to be Bryan's anti-air move. It has very specific uses for each version. The :punch-light: variant has no horizontal range to speak of and is best used to stop deep jump-ins and crossup attempts. The :punch-medium: and :punch-hard: versions have more forward movement than the :punch-light: version. The :punch-medium: starts up slightly faster than the :punch-hard: but doesn't move as far forward. The :punch-2x: version has invincibility, making it just as good as a Shoryuken for hitting enemies out of the air while also being a good reversal attack. Bear in mind that it is only STRIKE invincible, meaning you can still get grabbed during its startup.
When landing any version as an anti-air, you can potentially score a combo afterwards if your foe is high enough in the air. The :punch-medium: and :punch-hard: versions work the best in combos when they trade hits, allowing you to lead directly into Mid Kick to Rush, then finish with Mach Breaker for 383 damage! It's possible to perform this on a non-trade, but very difficult in a match.

Right Left to Spin Kick :joystick-down: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-left: :plus: :punch:

This is a "Rekka" type move. That is, it can be performed using the motion up to three times in succession.

:punch-light: version: 50 + 50 + 90 (scaled) = 172 Damage
:punch-medium: version: 60 + 50 + 90 (scaled) = 182 Damage
:punch-hard: version: 70 + 50 + 90 (scaled) = 192 Damage
:punch-2x: version: 70 + 70 + 100 (scaled) = 220 Damage, Wall-bounce on last hit

This three-part attack consists of a swinging hook, upwards axe-handle, and then a spin side-kick. It's a pretty damaging punish move that sends the foe across the screen for a soft knockdown. If you perform just the first part, it's safe on block (and can be combo'd after for the EX version!). The second part launches the foe into the air, allowing you to do extended juggle combos. Of course, the second and third hits are unsafe on block.

Flying Knee :joystick-down: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-left: :plus: :kick:

:kick-light: , :kick-medium: , and :kick-hard: versions: 150 damage
:kick_2x: version: 180 damage

Flying Knee is a unique move that sends Bryan soaring at his foe. If the opponent is standing, they get hit by an unblockable move that slams them to the ground. This move, on paper, should be a great way for Bryan to encourage opponents to crouch so that they get hit by the Chopping Elbow. However, the move works the opposite way as well. If enemies expect an overhead, they might stand up and get hit by the Flying Knee instead. In practice, I have found this tactic to be not very effective. It's not too hard to react to the Flying Knee or the Chopping Elbow. However, this move deals great damage and is Bryan's most common combo ender. It's also his Charge Attack. Dash canceling the charge can make for hard-to-punish normals and an intimidating offense.

Super Art and Cross Art

Face Crusher :joystick-down: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-left: :plus: :kick_3x:

330 Damage
Features: Unblockable versus standing targets, fireball invincible while airborne

Ryu, Poison, and Jin players alike will hate this Super Art. It's a fantastic fireball punish. It covers the entire screen and has a fast startup. It also deals a significant amount of damage at 330. Opponents can simply crouch under this move, making it easy to punish, but at the end of select combos or for a fireball punish, this is a great Super. Also, it has one of the coolest Super Art animations in my opinion. 8-)

Cross Art :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-medium: :plus: :kick-medium:

100 Damage (+ the damage of your partner's Super Art)
Features: Full invincibility until it hits, removes foe's gray health

This Cross Art resembles Fisherman's Slam but with more invincibility, and thus, it makes a reliable anti-air attack. If you know anything about this game, you may have a general idea of how to use Cross Arts already, and Bryan's is no different. If Bryan has gray life he needs to recover, or your opponent has a lot of gray life, use this as an anti-air or at the end of a combo to do lots of damage and switch to your secondary character.
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Re: Bryan Resource Thread

Postby Links » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:57 am


Fortunately, Bryan shines in his ability to convert stray hits into a lot of damage. His excellent One Two Body Blow and Double Back Knuckle can be used to hit-confirm into his Bread 'n' Butter combos relatively easily. Bryan also does a lot of damage from a partner's launcher and can punish with hard-hitting juggle combos, often in the 350 - 400 damage range using no meter.

When you see "xx" in a combo, this indicates a Cancel.

NOTE: Work in progress - Damage values will be added if they are not already present.
ANOTHER NOTE: Most combos will not start with a jump-in. This is not an attempt to showcase Bryan's most damaging combos, but rather a listing of his most useful punishes and hit-confirms.

Close Range Combos

The Bread 'n' Butter: One Two Body Blow (St. :punch-light: , St. :punch-medium: , St. :punch-light: ) xx H Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 289
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: About 1/3 bar
Uses: This is Bryan's fastest and possibly most consistent combo. It may be used as a hit-confirm or as a punish, due to the relative safety of One Two Body blow. Practice this combo till you can do it in your sleep!

Frame Trap/Hit Confirm: Close :punch-medium: , One Two Body Blow (St. :punch-light: , St. :punch-medium: , St. :punch-light: ) xx H Fisherman's Slam , cr. :punch-light: xx M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 325
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: About 1/2 bar
Uses: This combo is a bit beefier than the first in terms of damage and meter build (and difficulty). The good news is that Close :punch-medium: is totally safe on block, making this a good frame-trap combo. This combo also shows Bryan's ability to combo after a Fisherman's Slam without using Atomic throw by using Cr. :punch-light: just before the target lands. A couple of notes: the first cr. :punch-light: does not need to be cancelled - that is, you can simply link the M Fisherman's Slam. Also, the initial H Fisherman's slam can be replaced with the first two parts of the L Right Left to Spin Kick (rekkas).

Corner Hit Confirm: Close :punch-medium: , One Two Body Blow (St. :punch-light: , St. :punch-medium: , St. :punch-light: ) xx L Right Left to Spin Kick (first two hits only) , cr. :punch-light: chain into st. :punch-medium: , cr. :kick-hard:
Damage: 257
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: About 1/2 bar
Uses: When your foe is in the corner, you may want to keep him/her against the wall. This combo is very similar to the previous one, but it ends in a sweep, keeping your foe in place. This allows Bryan to maintain his corner positioning.

The Staple Punish: Cr. :punch-hard: xx H Fisherman's Slam , cr. :punch-light: xx M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 389
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: About 2/3 bar
Uses: When your foe does an unsafe move, such as a Shoryuken or whiffed command grab, you'll want to punish with something like this combo. Comboing straight from the :punch-hard: rather than the One Two Body Blow gives you less damage scaling on the rest of the combo, resulting in better damage. At the end, you can also opt to go for a Super Art instead of a Flying Knee for more damage at the cost of two meters.

Meter-Burning Punish: Close :punch-hard: , xx EX Snake Pit , cr. :punch-hard: xx M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 477
Meter cost: 1 EX
Meter gain: After the cost above, about 1/3 bar
NOTE: Useful only outside the corner.
Uses: As stated earlier, EX Snake Pit is useful in creating some damaging combos. This one is not Bryan's most difficult combo, but it shows the power of using the fewest attacks possible to do the most damage in Bryan's combos. If you need to do extra damage and you're mid-screen, this combo might be worth using some meter.

Mid- to Long-Range Combos

Double Back Knuckle Confirm: Double Back Knuckle (far :punch-hard: , :punch-light: ), One Two Body Blow (St. :punch-light: , St. :punch-medium: , St. :punch-light: ) xx H Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 333
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: A bit more than 1/3 bar
Uses: This is not a bad combo at all for Bryan. It's a basic way to confirm from his far-hitting St. :punch-hard: and still net over 300 damage. All Bryan players should master this combo! Note: To combo from Double Back Knuckle to One Two Body Blow, you'll need to link them, meaning there will be a slight delay before you press the :punch-light: for One Two Body Blow.

Double Back Knuckle Confirm 2: Double Back Knuckle (far :punch-hard: , :punch-light: ) xx H Right Left to Spin Kick (first two hits), cr. :punch-light: xx M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 358
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: About 1/2 bar
Uses: Fortunately for Bryan, his Double Back Knuckle allows the player plenty of time to visually confirm that it's hitting, so you can proceed straight into the Right Left to Spin Kick if desired. This combo scores a bit more meter and damage compared to the previous one. Practice the timing of the cr. :punch-light: that follows the Right Left, as it will be the most difficult part of this combo. NOTE: You can also use H Fisherman's Slam instead of H Right Left for 383 damage but slightly less meter gain.

Mid Kick to EX Mach Breaker Combo: Mid Kick to EX Mach Breaker ( :joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium: , :punch-medium: , :punch-light: , :joystick-right: , :joystick-right: :plus: :punch-2x: ), cr. :punch-light: xx M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee.
Damage: 379
Meter cost: 1 EX
Meter gain: After above cost, about 1/3 bar
Uses: Mid Kick is a fantastic normal with lots of range, and it can easily be confirmed into EX Mach Breaker. Getting the timing on the juggle after the Mach Breaker will be tricky, but the damage on this combo speaks for itself.

Double Back Knuckle Confirm with Meter: Double Back Knuckle (far :punch-hard: , :punch-light: ) xx EX Right Left to Spin Kick (all 3 hits), M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: chain into st. :punch-medium: , cr. :kick-hard:
Damage: 401
Meter cost: 1 EX
Meter gain: After above cost, about 1/3 bar
Note: Only usable mid-screen.
Uses: When you have meter to burn but need positioning that favors close-range pressure, this combo will work well. It does good damage and ends in a sweep, keeping your opponent right in front of you (unless they roll, of course).

Anti-Air Fisherman's Slam Combos

EX Fisherman's Slam Anti-Air: EX Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, M Fisherman's Slam and Atomic Throw, cr. :punch-light: xx M Flying Knee
Damage: To be added
Meter cost: 1 EX
Meter gain: After the above cost, about 1/4 bar
Uses: A simple, reliable, easy-to-perform anti-air. It works well at most ranges and heights. The only real drawback here is that you must use meter. I go to this anti-air quite often because the invincibility on EX Fisherman's Slam allows Bryan to overcome any jump-in with ease.

M/H Fisherman's Slam Anti-Air: M/H Fisherman's Slam, Mid Kick to Rush ( :joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium: , :punch-medium: , :punch-light: , :punch-medium:), Mach Breaker
Damage: 383
Meter cost: None
Meter gain: To be added
Uses: This combo is much easier to perform when the Fisherman's Slam trades. To land the Mach Breaker at the end, you'll want to input it as soon as possible after the last hit of Mid Kick to Rush. It should be noted that instead of going to the Mid Kick to Rush, you can also just do cr. LP xx Fisherman's Slam to enter a normal BnB combo for somewhat less, but comparable damage.
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Re: Bryan Resource Thread

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