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Forum Rules

Postby catalyst_nc » Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:11 pm

1. No racism. There is no place for racism of any kind on the site, period.

2. No linking to warez, roms or illegal activities. You can talk about programs like GGPO or MAME, but linking to rom sites or telling people how to download roms will get you banned.

3. Very limited NSFW material. For the most part we don't want NSFW material on the site.

Posting links to pornography is NOT acceptable, but posting a link to a gallery of Street Fighter characters that has some partial nudity is OK as long as you provide a NSFW warning so it's absolutely clear before someone clicks the link what they might be in for.

Your avatars cannot be naked and you cannot directly post images to the forums of nude people/artwork though, because there's no way to warn people ahead of time.

4. No spamming. If you have a new fighting game website or idea, you are welcome to post it on the forums. But do not spam it all over every topic and every place you can.

Advertising an off topic spam site telling people how to make money on the Internet will get your post(s) deleted and land you a ban.

5. Limit bad language. Occasional swear words are acceptable, but posting an F-bomb every other word is not. Also, no swearing in forum topic titles.

The site has a built in filter to knock out curse words, and it's OK if you circumvent this, but again, keep how often your type explicit words limited.

6. Be cool to each other. We don't want people with horrible or elitist attitudes on It's OK every now and then to get pissed off at someone, call them names, etc. It's the Internet — it happens.

It is NOT OK to call everyone a "n00b", bash their ideas and generally be an asshole. If you want to act like you know everything and everyone else is a scrub — you're not wanted on this website.

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