What is dyslexia - go to its symptoms, causes and prevention

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What is dyslexia - go to its symptoms, causes and prevention

Postby wtsspencer » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:45 pm

Have you ever heard that any child is having problems reading and writing, while your child is smart enough in other activities? If yes, it does not mean that he can not read or write, it may also be due to a disease called dyslexia.


The same disease was also the great scientist Albert Einstein, the father of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell and actor Tom Cruise and Boman Irani.


This disease has also been shown on Aamir Khan's film on 'Tare land'. In which Darsheel Safari was suffering from 'dyslexia' disease.

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What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is such a disease, in which it is very difficult for children to read, write and speak words. Those people who have this problem have great difficulty in reading, writing, speaking and understanding many things.


Types of dyslexia

Primary dyslexia


In this type of disease, children cannot identify the numbers and numbers, and can not read, measure, watch time and do other activities.


Secondary dyslexia


There is a problem in identifying words and speaking them.


Trauma dyslexia


This problem is due to the injury of the children's brain.

In this, the children can not hear the sound of words correctly, so they have difficulty in speaking, reading and learning words.

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