What is angioplasty surgery, know about it!

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What is angioplasty surgery, know about it!

Postby wtsspencer » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:13 pm

Angioplasty surgery helps when it is blocked in the arteries of the heart, immediately opening it. Coronary arteries supply oxygen and nutritious blood to the heart muscles. Today, we are going to tell you some of the essential things such as angioplasty surgery is done, when and how it is done.

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When Is Organizational Surgery

In the arteries of our heart, the problem of blockage is due to the cause of atherosclerosis, due to which our body has to face many kinds of problems. Coronary arteries supply oxygen and nutritious blood to heart muscles. Ear of the blockage in arteries Some patients may require angioplasty surgery. If a person has problems with heart coronary, then he needs coronary angiogram surgery. In this surgery, blood flow is carried out through the tube catheter in the heart of the human heart.

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The procedure of angioplasty surgery

Angioplasty surgery is mostly beneficial for patients with obese and back pain. To correct the blood flow in this surgery, the balloon used in the catheter is used to open the problem of blockage. In this, a stent wire is placed to keep the blood artery open.


In this technique, the empty and pimped balloon catheters are placed on the tip of a guide wire and into the compressed space. After this, 75-500 times more water than normal blood pressure (6 to 20 atmospheres) is used to inflate it in a certain shape. The blood throws blood into the artery for better flow. After this, the balloon is pulled out and pulled out by the catheters.


Angioplasty surgery depends on how much the blockage is in quantity and in which artery. Angioplasty in peripheral artery remains 98 percent successful.

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