I challenge both "Apoc" and "DougQuaidHauser"

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I challenge both "Apoc" and "DougQuaidHauser"

Postby heX » Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:00 pm

Seriously, both of you think you know something about street fighter, yet I've never seen anything from either other than inane babbling. I challenge you both to ft10 in any version of Street Fighter you think you are good at.

Don't reply, you forfeit.

I can play on PC or ps3 for almost every SF game. If you can't there are no excuses.

Show me you are useful and not just a crybaby..........

:punch-3x: :punch-3x: :punch-3x: :punch-3x: :punch-3x:
:kick_3x: :kick_3x: :kick_3x: :kick_3x: :kick_3x: :kick_3x:

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