Animator entering the dojo

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Animator entering the dojo

Postby Felixlahio » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:27 pm

Hi guys this is Felix, Im a professional animator living in Asia that just finished working for GenDesign (shadow of the colossus, last guardian, Ico)

Even though it was an amazing experience for me as an animator being surrounded by such a talented team It wasnt my style at all.

Becouse well.... I LOVE FIGHTING GAMES !! and I just realized how fun is to animate for fighting games.

I want to learn from you guys as much as I can, here everyone seems to have laser precise eyes forged through years and years of playing fighter games.

Its a surprise to find so much professional feedback on this forums, and thats exactly what Im looking for.

I just finished making a list of the basic animations I want to make for every character (4 characters for now) so its time to start rocking.

My purpose is to learn all the animation related nuances that make this genre of games look so different.

I`ll be posting my progress

hope to listen from you guys

(sorry for my english, as you can see is not my mother tongue)


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