Shoulder Pain Can Affect Heart Disease

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Shoulder Pain Can Affect Heart Disease

Postby wtsspencer » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:49 am

Do you also have a complaint about shoulder pain? So be careful, because this is clear through research, because of the shoulder pain, your heart may also be in danger. The pain in the shoulder may be a sign of heart disease.

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Due to the lifestyle and work style of our nowadays, there is always a complaint of shoulder pain, which is due to the driving of the shoulder due to sitting on the computer with the wrong poccharis, due to which the problem of pain begins.


Frozen shoulder can also be a problem due to excessive shoulder pain complication. This is a problem where there are problems like back, waist, neck and shoulder pain because of not exercising. Its symptoms include -

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In this problem, there is a lot of difficulty in turning the shoulder in any direction

Its pain spreads to the patient's neck and to the top of it

At night, the pain seems more troublesome. Small tasks like combing, closing the button, etc. are also difficult

The frozen shoulder has very severe pain in the shoulder while moving the arm backward

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