Fancy Footwork, Hwoarang Tutorial

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Fancy Footwork, Hwoarang Tutorial

Postby SouperJimmy » Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:31 pm

Hwoarang Tutorial

For those that don't want to read a block of text, look here

And those that can, keep reading.


Table of Contents

1) Overview of the Character
2) Notable Normals
3) Special Attacks
4) Tag-ability/Synergy
5) Tactics


Overview of the Characters

Hwoarang is a aggressive character and has many pokes, overheads, and offensive options. Best used making opponents guess at close range between high and low mix-ups.

Position: Hwoarang is best used as a secondary because of his meter needs. Damage doesn't exceed 300 most of the time without meter.

Tons of high/Low options to choose from.
Can Dodge fireballs with a dash that is special cancel-able
Has an invincible Skyscraper (Shoryuken) for wake-up
Good target combos that can combo on hit, or change into a different safe string when blocked.
Has a second stance for more normals.
His Sweep is special Cancel-able.
Hunting Hawk is good for Tag in combos.
Has a trajectory controllable dive kick for closing in the distance and pressuring.
Fast and long reaching normals.
Almost any kick can anti-air.

Hwoarang uses meter to do most of his damaging combos.
Low damage output.
Switching to the stance will take some time to get used to.
Frame data leaves him with some difficult links.


Notable Normals/Unique attacks

Makes for a decent anti air

Cr. :kick-medium:
Also a good anti air. You crouch down but you kick up. The hit box is pretty high.

Another nice anti air, but use this less because of lengthy start-up

Cr. :kick-hard:
A generic sweep, but it is Special Cancel-able. The attack Cancels really late, so It's good for canceling into special step or Dynamite kick for safety. Or the occasional SCDC (Special Charge Dash Cancel) into pokes or throw.

Jump :punch-medium:
This is your crossup kick. really nice and has a good hit box.

Flashing Trident
Jump :punch-light: , :punch-medium:
Hwoarang does a 2 kick target combo in mid air. You can use this as a 2 hit jump in to see if the y would only block on kick in the air, or you can use the first kick to confirm an air to air, and then come down with a regular kick.

Chain Saw Kick/Reverse Kick
( :kick-light: ) :kick-medium: , (:kick-light: or :kick-medium: )
This attack can either be an over head that causes ground bounce, or a special cancel-able kick, both good options. The :kick-light: version is an overhead where Hwoarang drops his heel down on the enemy. It is unsafe of block, but it good to put in every once in a while to see if the opponent is expecting it. The :kick-medium: Version does a second kick that is special cancel-able. This should be your backup plan if they should block your first few attacks.

Iron Heel
:joystick-right: :plus: :kick-hard:
Hwoarang takes a step forward and deals an overhead that causes ground bounce. Pretty nifty for pokes and a really nice reward. It's -4 on block so it's punishable by certain things. Overall, I'd still use it anyways.

Tsunami Kick
:joystick-right: :plus: :kick-medium: ( :joystick-right: )
An over head kick that you can cancel into Flamingo Stance for continued pokes and combos. Can be linked into Flamingo :punch-light: , or into Cr. :kick-light: . Both are 1 frame links, so I suggest either getting the links solid, or just settling for quick over head pressure. You are at +2 on block so it's a good tool to use.

Spinning Trap Kick
:joystick-down-left: :plus: :kick-light:
Hwoarang steps forward and kicks low. It is special cancel-able and is neutral on block. If used correctly, the opponent may mistake this attack for one of the overheads, because the startups are the same and he still steps forward like all of his overheads.

Fade Away Kick
:joystick-left: :plus: :kick-medium:
Hwoarang hops backwards and kicks at the same time. It is Special cancel-able and could be used on opponent's wake-up to punish certain attacks. I would recommend using this to create breathing space instead.

Middle Kick Combo
( :kick-light: or :punch-light: ) :kick-medium: , :kick-medium: , :kick-medium: ( :joystick-right: )
This string cancels into Flamingo stance if you hold forward and also can chain from your original :punch-light: or :kick-light:
Use this to continue poking by entering Flamingo stance, otherwise, check out High Kick Combo

High Kick Combo
( :kick-light: or :punch-light: ) :kick-medium: , :kick-medium: , :kick-hard:
This Target combo is the same as above, except the last kick is special cancel-able, making everything that much better for you. If you want, you can even go into Launcher.

Low &High Kick Combo
( :kick-light: or :punch-light: ) :kick-medium: , :kick-medium: , :joystick-down: :plus: :kick-light: , :kick-hard:
Same as above, but adds in a low kick. I'd use the High Kick combo instead if the hit was confirmed, as the extra low kick adds to scaling.


Flamingo Stance
Hwoarang Stands on one foot and becomes slow as heck on walking speed. On the other hand, gets a handful of useful kicks.
Can be canceled into from cancel-able normals. Dashing or crouching negates this stance.

Flamingo :kick-hard:
This is a good attack to use to get close with. The attack itself lunges Hwoarang forward with a long kick that is special cancel-able. Use this to move in on your opponent with SCDC or Dynamite Kick.
Flamingo :punch-hard:
The best anti Air you have. The hitbox is really tall and away from your hurt box. It's awkward to go into this stance and then :punch-hard: so make sure you are used to this before using it.

Flamingo :punch-light:
The fastest jab...*ahem*... kick you have. Comes out in 3 frames but has shallow range.

Flamingo (Quick Kick Combo)
:punch-medium: , :punch-medium:
Does a 3 kick combo that launches the opponent up for more juggling. Requires you to be ridiculously close to connect though. At midscreen, they fly pretty far back, so it's hard to follow up. There are better options to be had.

Flamingo Kick Combo
:kick-light: , :kick-medium:
A quick 2 kicks that is special cancel-able on the second kick. Nothing much to say here.

Flamingo (Fire Storm)
:kick-medium: , :kick-light:
A Target combo that is special cancel-able, or if you want, it can link into Flamingo :punch-light: and back into "Flamingo Kick Combo"


Special attacks

:joystick-right: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :plus: :kick:
This is your standard "Shoryuken" so to speak. The :kick-light: and :kick-medium: both have 5 frame invincible start-ups , so that's your wake-up choice. The :kick-medium: and :kick-hard: versions deal more damage in the beginning of the kick than later. It's possible to get 2 in an anti-air juggle.

EX SkyScraper
Basically the same as any EX Shoryuken in Street Fighter games. Gets more Priority on combos and has invincible start-up.

Special Step
:joystick-right: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :punch:
Hwoarang does a dash forward that dodges fireballs. The distance is determined by strength, but the frames are all the same. This is special cancel-able to punish or give you an option to extend your range on certain special attacks. If you input :joystick-right: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :plus: :punch: , then :kick: the game will automatically do a SkyScraper kick for you.

EX Special Step
This is basically the same as the before mentioned, except it grants upperbody invincibility.

Hunting Hawk
:joystick-down: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-left: :plus: :kick: (might as well be :kick-hard: )
Hwoarang jumps up and does a series of kick attacks in mid air. The stronger the version, the more kicks he will do. The 3rd hit
causes a ground bounce that he cannot use and is an overhead.

EX Hunting Hawk
This is your best friend you always have to buy lunch for. It is your main means of getting your damage past 300 and above. This attack does a series of kicks into a wall bounce. You will have enough time to either get another Hunting Hawk, or even Jump :kick-hard: into sweep. Another thing to note is that you can use a Launcher afterwards and tag into the other character.

Dynamite Kick
:joystick-right: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-left: :plus: :punch:
For most purposes, you will be using this to make attacks safe. On hit or block, this is +1 for you. You can choose to SCDC this into pokes or throws.

EX Dynamite Kick
This is something that can be either very rewarding, or very dangerous. Good news is, it beats all low attacks, projectiles, and maybe mid attacks too. It also hits overhead and ground bounces. Unfortunately, it has a lengthy startup and you glow bright yellow giving away your surprise attack as an over head, and is -11 on block and on top of that, you can't combo into it by normal means. If I had to say, the only good use for this is a short-cut to getting to super. Use it at your own discretion.

Air Raid
:joystick-left: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-right: :plus: :kick:
Hwoarang jumps from the ground high into the air and dive kicks down again. This attack is best used on either enemy wake-up, or to close/create distance. The key aspect of this attack is that you can control it's trajectory and aim the landing. The landing leaves you punishable, but if you make contact, you are anywhere between neutral or +6.

EX Air Raid
Don't use it. Just don't. If you use it, it auto locks on and doesn't let you adjust the jump. Just don't use it.

Air Raid Special
From a jump :joystick-left: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-down: :joystick-down-right: :joystick-right: :plus: :kick:
This is the aerial dive kick version used from air to ground. Not very useful in most cases. It does delay your jump to avoid fireballs though. It nets you Advantage on hit and block

EX Air Raid Special
The Start-up is invincible so if opponents your normal anti airs, you will most likely beat them. You get more Advantage from this than the regular version, aside from that, it's the same thing, just yellow and flashy.



For Tag-ability, the best moves to tag from are, of course, SkyScraper and Hunting Hawk. Cancelling from sky scraper should be done as a defensive measure to get Hwoarang out safely. On the other hand, Hunting Hawk is your main Combo Tag in attack. With the massive amount of active frames and a ground bounce, you can even EX Charge a Super! Also, it gives you enough time to even do a Jump :punch-hard: / :kick-hard: as a starter.

Team Synergy

Hwoarang is very meter Heavy, and has very good options for damage with meter. So I would pick a very meter friendly character. That is basically the only criteria that I would see fit for Hwoarang, if you don't agree, feel free to post.

One of my favorite combos off of a launcher into Hwoarang is:
...Cr. :punch-medium: , :joystick-down: :joystick-down-left: :joystick-left: :plus: :kick_2x: , :punch-hard: :plus: :kick-hard:
The combo is basically a tag into Hwoarang and back into the point character using only Hwoarang as extra damage. This way, you don't have to have Hwoarang in if you don't want to.



The most prominent tactic to use with Hwoarang is to just keep poking with Hwoarang's long legs. Flamingo :kick-hard: should be your main method of getting close with Hwoarang's ground game. When it connects, you should either SCDC or hit them with a Dynamite Kick in order to continue your pressure. When you are in, you can use all of your many overheads to keep the opponents on their toes. All of your overheads have the possibility of turning into a combo, as well as you low hitting kicks. If you want, you can also use your sweep and cancel into Dynamite kick or SCDC to keep it going. Spinning Trap Kick is also a good option to use once you have conditioned the opponent to blocking High for overheads, you can mix it up because Spinning Trap Kick hits low and you are still standing. When you get into range for a jump, you can use your cross up Jump :punch-medium: to apply pressure. You can also use the Flashing Trident Target Combo to make them double block high for jump ins.

When you get a knock down, get to a position where you can jump forwards for a cross up, or jump back for a cross up if they forward roll. It's ok if you don't know which side you're going to cross up to, neither will they ;) You can also use Air Raid on their wake-up to make it so that you are above them in a section where shoryukens might not reach. Always aim for the head in these cases, so you can't get a shoryuken to the face.

When you get knocked down, your wake up options are :kick-light: or :kick-medium: Sky Scraper with invincibility and tag if it's blocked. You could also use Super if you see them poking because the super instantly puts you in the air and hits very fast.

Your defensive/running game could be achieved by moving backwards, and when you are cornered, use Flamingo :kick-hard: into Air Raid and fly as far as you can. As you walk back you can use some of your target combos that have long reach like FireStorm. The first attack should whiff, but the second attack will send you flying towards them. Just cancel the second hit into Dynamite Kick and SCDC away. Always remember your range of attacks are much longer than theirs.


Thank you for reading, and if I missed anything, feel free to post.

Also check out the Jin Tutorial that I posted for SFxT

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