xxMarshy's Guide to Pyrrha

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xxMarshy's Guide to Pyrrha

Postby xxMarshy » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:47 pm

Soul Calibur V Pyrrha Guide

Spoiler: show
1 = Down + Back
2 = Down
3 = Down + Forward
4 = Back
5 = Neutral
6 = Forward
7 = Up + Back
8 = Up
9 = Up + Forward

Lower case letter followed by upper case letter means it is a slide input. (Example: aB)
Letters separated by a + are to be pressed at the same time. (Example: A+B)
Letters separated by commas are pressed in a sequence. (Example: B,A,K)

Story -
Pyrrha is the daughter of Sophitia and Rothion Alexandra, the older sister of Patroklos, the niece of Cassandra Alexandra and Lucius, and the granddaughter of Achelous and Nike. When a mysterious customer gave Rothion a peculiar metallic fragment, the household went out of control, with the children fighting violently over what their father just received, while Sophitia was experiencing an aftermath from her previous wounds she sustained in her first battle against Soul Edge. A while after her younger sister, Cassandra, set off on her quest, Sophitia made her decision to get involved in order to save her children. When she arrived at Nightmare's former stronghold, she had an encounter with a green clad girl, who wanted to 'play' with her children. Upon returning home, Sophitia found them safe, for now. The girl in green met up with her again, saying that she would be back for them when the time is right. Sophitia knew that she had to stop her, especially with both Pyrrha and Patroklos' lives at stake from the influence of Soul Edge. This is the reason why Sophitia made the difficult decision to become a servant of the evil sword in order to save her daughter.

Before the events of Soulcalibur V Pyrrha has lived her life as a wanderer for seventeen years, not knowing her family exists because she has no one she can truly call "family".

Pyrrha knows nothing about her past. All those who got close to her strangely died, thus she gained the nickname the "Bringer of Woe". Pyrrha was purchased by a nobleman's son named Jurgis, in a slave market and began working as a maid. One day Jurgis proposed to Pyrrha, but that night he was murdered. Everyone thought that she was the killer and she was arrested. "Why does this keep happening to me!? It wasn't me. It wasn't me..." It was then Tira appeared to seduce her, her own heart too fragile to resist.

Play Style -
Pyrrha plays a lot like Sophitia from the previous games, but she has some of her own unique moves as well. She is a character with great pokes and mix ups. Pyrrha excels in defensive play, but she can also rush down with her quick high-low attacks. Her mix ups can really keep the opponent guessing and put you at a life lead which is always good when you play a defensive character. Pyrrha definitely has faults though, almost all of her moves have a fairly slow start up (considering what the stat wheel says of her speed) so fast characters can give her a lot of trouble, also she is pretty unsafe so if an opponent correctly reads one of your mix ups you are going to lose a good chunk of health.

Strengths -
  • Excellent pokes
  • Amazing mix up game
  • Fairly fast attack speed

Weaknesses -
  • Pretty low damage on her combos
  • A lot of her moves have slow start up speed
  • Very unsafe moves

Best Moves -
(In no particular order.)
  • B,B - 30 damage. Basic safe attack, also use it to stop people from pressuring you.
  • 4A,A,A - 66 damage. High-low mix up attack with good damage.
  • 1A,A - 46 damage. Less damage than the last one but it starts with a low attack.
  • 3B - 26 damage. Basic combo starter.
  • 88K - 27 damage. Great combo starter from a sidestep.
  • 44K,A,B or 44K,B - 86 damage/76 damage. Pyrrha's best mix up attack, it is slow but if you do it at the right time you usually will not get hit out of it, I recommend doing the first one to start with then do the second one to trick them into blocking low.
  • 4B - 26 damage. Slow combo starter but it does a fair amount of damage, use when the opponent whiffs really bad.
  • A+B - 59 damage. Good counter when you know for sure the opponent is about to use a mid attack, follow up with A then K
  • 2B+K,B,B,B - 34 damage. Good to use when the opponent is on the ground
  • 4B+K - 55 damage. Unblockable attack that leads into a combo

Throws -
  • A+G - 25 damage. Leads into 2B+K,B,B,B on male characters or 3B on any character
  • B+G - 50 damage.
  • Left Side Throw - 40 damage. Not very useful, will not ring out and puts you at a bad position to keep using mix ups on your opponent
  • Right Side Throw - 70 damage. Amazing damage for a throw.
  • Back Throw -35 damage. Ring out if your opponent has his back towards you and is between the edge and yourself.

Stances -
  • Angel Step - 236
  • Angel Side Step - 23658 or 23652

Non Meter Combos -
  • 3B ~ 236B - 50 damage.
  • 88K ~ 236B - 62 damage.
  • 4B ~ 3B ~ 236B - 72 damage.
  • A+G ~ 3B - 44 damage.
  • A+G ~ 2B+K,B,B,B - 50 damage. On males only
  • 4B ~ 44A ~ 236B - 68 damage.
  • 4B ~ 88B,A,K - 76 damage.
  • 88K ~236B4 (just) - 78 damage.

Meter Combos -
  • 4B ~ 66bA+B+K ~ 88B,A,K - 102 damage.
  • 66bA+B+K ~ 22B,A,K - 83 damage.
  • 4A,B (counter) ~ 66bA+B+K - 79 damage.

Combos into Critical Edge -
  • 3B ~ Critical Edge - 94 damage.
  • 4B ~ 3B ~ Critical Edge - 96 damage.
  • 88K ~ Critical Edge - 88 damage.
  • 4B ~ 66bA+B+K ~ Critical Edge - 114 damage.
  • 4B+K ~ Critical Edge - 130 damage.
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