Project Tiers - Assists - complete

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Project Tiers - Assists - complete

Postby Zombiebrian » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:15 am

Ok New project tiers this time were focusing on assists. Every assit in the game will be voted on.

*important note* Some assists can be powered up like Hsien-Ko's to become more powerful/useful When voting please take this into consideration. You are not only voting for that assist in its powered up form but also what it takes to gain that assist.

This time we have opted to do away with +'s so there are no A+ B+

Instead its S, A, B, C, D

Thank you for voting

A - Fireball
B - Hurricane Kick
Y - Dive Kick

A - Solar Flare
B - Cold Star
Y - Bloom

A - Heavenly Slash
B - Dagger Toss
Y - Fire Bottle Toss

Captain America
A - Shield Slash
B - Stars & Stripes
Y - Charging Star

Chris Redfield
A - Combination Punch
B - Gun Fire
Y - Grenade Toss

Chun Li
A - Fireball
B - Up Kicks
Y - Lightning Legs

A - Thunder Knuckle
B - Seismic Hammer
Y - Burning Kick

A - Jam Session
B - Crystal
Y - Weasel Shot

A - Quick Work
B - Katana-Rama!
Y - Trigger Happy

Dr. Doom
A - Plasma Beam
B - Hidden Missile
Y - Molecular Shield

Credits to Zombie Brian and Fatmus2 for getting this off the ground
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Re: Project Tiers - Assists - complete

Postby FatMus2 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:46 pm

Don't change the channel!
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